Last Week’s Gaming

Lost in Archaeology, researching the Village Bravely

I really can’t wait for work to wind down. I have a heap of things I am looking at doing that doesn’t involve work and recovering. Last week saw me napping to reset more than gaming, which is never a great way to look at your week!

But I did get some gaming in and even started playing with a Retro gaming device that I have been looking forward to tinkering with. Look at the positives, work through the rest.

And with that in mind, let’s jump into Last Week’s Gaming!

Lost in Straya

Board Game Geek Link – Lost in Straya

The second outing for Lost in Straya went well. This time it was a three-player game, and I suspect some shuffling issues were at play. No matter how we shuffled, the reception cards needed to win were almost always clumped together.

That sounds like a complaint, but it helped make for a fun and light gaming session. The chatting as we played was a great catch up (we haven’t played together for a few weeks), and watching Alpal declare every card as a reception card was fun.

One round, I had no reception, lots of critters, and a grub to fight them off with!

After the week I had, Lost in Straya was the perfect light-hearted social game I needed to get in this week. I hope to bring it out again with a few more players soon and test it at higher counts. I feel it will be fun, and the higher count will help counter the randomness of clumping all the reception cards together.

If the biggest complaint is that all the cards seem to fall with the same players even though we had a fun time, that’s not the worst situation to be in!

Archaeology: The New Expedition

Board Game Geek Link – Archaeology: The New Expedition

I finally got this one to the table with Rabbit a few weeks ago and got the chance to play a three-player round last week. As I said last time, it’s hard to talk up Archaeology – it’s a set collection game with little bad things happening to players.

For a lot of ‘serious’ gamers, Archaeology is too simple. I think Archaeology is a great social game with a little bit more to it for most gamers.

You makes piles of card sets. It's hard to make Archaeology look exciting, just like real life!

Collect sets of cards, push your luck trying to hand in larger groups for points before a sandstorm hits. Even if ‘bad’ things happen, nothing is really unrecoverable..

Poor Simon got walloped on his first turn. It followed a Sandstorm and a Theif, losing him any basis to start from while trying to learn the game. Even so, he recovered nicely, and I think if the same thing happened again, he would score even better.

I can’t wait for another Archaeology round, and I regret not playing it for so long. It’s a bit of a sleeper favourite of mine at the moment.

Resident Evil Village

Played on – PlayStation 5

I didn’t get in too much time with Village last week, but I did manage to make it through Village of Shadows. And make it through is definitely the way to describe it!

Resident Evil has a staple where you get more health and/or better weapons each playthrough. Resident Evil Village is no exception, and I built up some goodies for the Village of Shadows run.

Donna and Angie no longer challenge me, but still creep me right out!

On the whole, this plan worked. The most challenging part was the penultimate boss fight. Oh, did that get my blood boiling!

Without going into details, you can do nothing to make this fight easy other than master it. Not even the end boss fight gave me the trouble this one did!

But for all the frustration the fight caused me, I overcame, and that rush of satisfaction was worth it. If push came to shove, I would play Village of Shadows again if I had to now that I have done it once. Maybe not every other time .

The Mercenaries trophy list is short, but rather taxing

I am mostly done with Story challenges. Everything else to unlock is in Mercenaries mode, including a new weapon that will make the last story challenges fun to complete.

So the plan is a few nights of grinding Mercenaries for those SS/SSS ranks and then sitting down with Rabbit for the last story run to clear the final trophies.

Bravely Default 2

Played on – Nintendo Switch

Last week, I reminisced about the multiple endings of the Bravely series. Well, I am happy to say I have managed to get to the end of Bravely Default! Well, except maybe for a New Game+ ending.

I have resisted looking up details, but the final ending I unlocked ends in what I consider a ‘typical’ Bravely way, but New Game+ has been opened. I am pretty sure this is new for the series!

Last Weeks Gaming - Bravely Default 2 - Do I play one more time
Maybe I should just listen to Elvis?

Do I fly through a New Game+ game? I am around level 75. Surely it won’t be too bad. Could it? I might give it another week and see how I feel about playing through one more time. On the one hand, I am happy with how things wrapped up. On the other, I want to know for sure if there is more.

Time will tell, but expect some more detailed thoughts about Bravely Default 2 sometime in June.

And some Retro gaming fun

This is a bit more of a tease than usual, but I finally fired up my Ambernic RG351M. I received it a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had a chance to play around with it.

What is the RG351M? It’s a handheld retro console emulator, the same idea as my RetroPie console but portable and not quite as powerful.

Glare notwithstanding, this little handheld retro is a heap of fun

I haven’t played much, but I did jump into a few games. Choplifter 2 from the Game Boy made me smile. I remember lots of hours spent playing that while on holiday at Lake Eppalock.

Crash Bandicoot from the original PlayStation ran surprisingly well, while PSP and Nintendo 64 definitely isn’t great on the handheld.

A childhood favourite I haven’t played in years was Chase H.Q., and I tried multiple versions, each putting a smile on my face. This is the part of Retro gaming I love – the games may not stand up to today’s standards, but I had a great time, and memories came flooding back!

I found a video by YouTube Neil Mcsleeve showing Chase H.Q. on the Commodore 64, the version I played the most. It is similar to OutRun, except when you catch up to a criminal you need to force them off the road. Sounds simple, and honestly it was, but back in the day I had heaps of fun!

What ended up sucking me in on Friday night was actually World Poker Tour from the Game Boy Advance. I forgot how much fun it was, and I even won the first tournament!

Hardware-wise, the RG351M feels great. Battery life seems fine, but I also want to play with a couple of other firmware versions and set up the games and consoles just as I want.

This was a good time to jump around and test the emulation capabilities of the console. Because it was just jumping in to play around, I didn’t have to worry about starting and stopping gaming. And getting sucked into a poker tournament is something I haven’t done for ages!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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