Last Week’s Gaming

Starting to get a little more back to normal. At least my health is steadily making a comeback.

Right now, I am lying on the couch and wondering how I slept for almost 16 hours yesterday. Gaming has been the last thing on my mind. Every day has been work and rest enough to do it again tomorrow.

These periods are terrible for anyone. Luckily that week is over, and I can concentrate on other things for a couple of weeks. More about that later in the week.

For today though, this period of basically lumping lead to not a lot of gaming! The horror! Friday night, I did put in a few hours on Bravely Default 2, so it wasn’t a complete gaming free week – but it’s the closest it’s ever been!

Bravely Default 2 – Switch

So that dark turn I was talking about last week? That has continued. Not quite as shocking to me as the previous revelations, Chapter 3 has you entering an incredibly religious town. The residents worship dragons. This revelation made me excited!

And then the twist happened. I will not go into significant detail, but persecution disguised as religious dogma is front and centre. Absolute power corrupts and all that. There is a bit more of it with Bravely Default 2’s storyline, but I had to put the Switch down for a bit.

After everything that I had been dealing with work-wise, I wasn’t ready to go that deep into such story material. Not when I just wanted to unwind with a game.

People did this. People are still doing this. As a society, we are not learning from history.

But I did jump back in, and I earned a couple of new asterisks (job classes) along the way. Things were going well, and the in-game lore for the asterisks has been revealed. Hurrah!

I did a little exploring, but I didn’t spend a heap of time grinding away. I am about 45 hours in, and 25 of those hours at least was just mindlessly running around fighting. Not because the game makes you, but because I wanted to level up (grinding).

I have mastered a handful of classes with each of the four party members and looked forward to progressing the story. And then, as the timeless saying goes, “And then THIS guy walked in”.

I can't wait to beat this guy. It's not even about the story now.

The class with Time magic and Triplega (casting 3 spells at once) has entered the game. And I have to find him. I have tried 3 times so far, and I get party wiped each and every time!

The fight isn’t unfair. It definitely feels cheap the first time around, but I can already see ways to beat it. Now I need to concentrate on the job system in ways I haven’t done before.

The right combination of jobs will be the key here, and I have primarily ignored job effects on stats. No more cruising through the common enemies like I have been!

Wait, that’s it? Did you play one game?

Yep. I said as much already! Board game-wise, I wasn’t up to being social this weekend. I even slept through my regular games day with Alpal!

Honestly, I could have switched out and played something else when I hit the wall in Bravely Default 2. Two of my March highlight titles have released, and I have Stubbs the Zombie on Switch and Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace on PC.

Even if it was just to check it out, I could have fired up either title. But I would like to do a First Impressions video for both titles. So keep an eye out for them over the next couple of weeks!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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