Last Week’s Gaming

To the universe – just existing shouldn’t feel like a SoulsBorne game!

Why is it every time you think you have a handle on everything, the universe decides to up the difficulty level? Gaming challenges can be fun, but last week was just a week of “Where did that come from?!?”.

That is behind me, and the Easter break is coming up. I even have some time off coming up just before it – woohoo! I am looking forward to doing a few things that I need to set up and be ready during that break. That’s my plan over the next couple of weeks. More news about that stuff soon.

For now, let’s talk about the gaming that I did get in last week!

The turnaround from backing Lost in Straya and having it arrive was surprisingly short. I talked about Lost in Straya in Crowdfunding, and I thought it would be a great simple game as filler/icebreakers.

Well, after playing it, I can pretty confidently say it won’t be a game for queues at PAX, but it will be a fun icebreaker game with strangers!

Last Weeks Gaming - Lost In Straya Deck Stacks
It's 'only' 3 decks of cards, and you just have to collect 3 to win

The gameplay is as advertised. Telling people you just draw cards and need to find 3 specific cards to win sounds very ‘meh’. You can describe how the creatures and crafting add to the experience, but it just sounds weak.

Put those cards in a players hands and let them experience it, and the situation changes.

The art is great, and once you have the game flow it's quick to play

Lost in Straya isn’t a game that will change the world, but it is a game that brings a lot to the filler/ice breaker category. It is fun to play and chat through with friends and simple enough to get new players in the game within a few minutes.

Sometimes you want to just sit and enjoy games without pushing yourself mentally. And for Alpal and me this week, pull out a title that we enjoy but haven’t played in a while.

While I enjoy the new SciFi based Escape the Dark Sector, it has been far too long since we enjoyed a round of the original game. So Last Week, we decided to change that.

Last Weeks Gaming - Escape the Dark Castle
Not pretty by some standards, but a fun little adventure

I will not go into the specifics too much as I have reviewed Escape the Dark Castle. We had a lot of fun, and that is always the main thing. Back in the podcast days, Alpal and I even recorded a playthrough!

I might not be talking too much about Escape the Dark Castle right now but expect to hear a bit more about it soon.

Blood Rage Digital – PC

It had been a few weeks, and a sale is currently on for Blood Rage on Steam. Not only is the game 50% off, but the new expansion Gods of Asgard is available.

I haven’t nabbed the expansion yet, but there is a pretty good chance I will be grabbing it. Two Gods will be randomly chosen and appear on the board, and cause rule shifts in their area. They seem to be more powerful versions of the existing cards, so this will get interesting!

During the sale, you can get Blood Rage and all digital DLC for AUD$28. That is an outstanding deal!

Text size, fonts, animation updates - Blood Rage Digital keeps getting better and better

Last game, I ended up with a pretty great combination. Not only could I deploy a warrior every time I added a piece to the board, but I could pillage an area again by spending Rage. Coupled with mission cards for the region, I managed to score very high with almost no combat.

That is one of the things I love about Blood Rage. There are multiple ways to play, and no once strategy is better than another overall. You need to adapt to many changes on the fly, so this was a one in a hundred type situation.

Not my best score ever, but for keeping one region and no combat - impressive enough

I reviewed Blood Rage and talked about the Digital edition before. The team have been improving the game with lots of small quality of life improvements since release.

If you are interested in Blood Rage, with the sale now on Steam, it’s a great time to dip your toes in.

Bravely Default 2 – Switch

You knew I would be putting time into Bravely Default 2. I am enjoying it, and I have been taking advantage of being tired to get in some grinding.

One thing that I will bring up that I thought was just the demo is the difficulty curve. Monsters in an area are become simple to beat over time. They don’t level up with you. To avoid repetitive battles, they will start to run away when they see you, a touch I like.

Doesn't look like much, but it took two goes to beat him

Then you get to a boss fight. I don’t think these fights should be a cakewalk. Still, the difficulty level spikes something hard. A bit of grinding and adjusting strategies is all you need to overcome. The shock of the initial difficulty was unexpected.

I have also reached a mini-game within Bravely Default 2. Called ‘B and D’, I can see this being Bravely Default 2’s Triple Triad or Gwent. I haven’t played too much so far, but I can see myself switching from grinding to B and D for some small downtime.

Bind and Divide - Area Control mini-game that I can see chewing up my time

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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