Last Week’s Gaming

Saving the Maiden of War from the Clank Immortals!

It’s another light number of games this Last Week’s Gaming, but each game has been a great time for me. There has been some more progress made for in terms of gaming challenges. Most importantly were some great times to wash away the work stresses for the week.

But that’s the overview – let’s talk about what I have been up to!

We are now 6 games down for the 10 game campaign. Those paying close attention may notice that I haven’t written playing Clank! Legacy 6 times. This is because Simon and I started late in Alpals campaign. But things are starting to come together.

We still don’t know what we are aiming towards overall, but the pieces are coming together. It is a long game though, so Saturday was taken up with one grand adventure. I think we played for about 3.5 hours, but easily 1.5 was us just being silly and ribbing each other.

We also celebrated a milestone reached by Alpal’s Mum – 100 Park Runs! This was celebrated with Furry Friends, that took an honorary enemy position this game.

Last Weeks Gaming - 20210125 - Clank Legacy Furry Friend Bosses
They may not be the most terrifying bosses in gaming, but motivation to take them out is high

Immortals: Fenyx Rising – PlayStation 5

Well, I did it. I went and got the Platinum. The first season pass content is now out, but I think I am all Fenyx’d out.

Playing the game is incredibly relaxing, especially when exploring. Being overly tired the last couple of weeks, being able to relax on the couch and coast through the game was incredibly appealing.

But those final trophies – talk about a grind! I thought finding all of the Lieutenant monsters and mounts would be the hardest part. You can get up high and ping chest and myth challenges on the map, where monsters you need to find. Same for the mounts.

Finding all of the mounts took me a lot longer than I thought it would

Well, the most challenging part was actually finding the last 3 myth challenges. While you can ping them on the map, you can only do so within a certain distance. The last few were hidden in places where I had to scan well away from the usual scouting spots – cheeky!

But it’s done, and I was delighted when that Platinum trophy popped. But I don’t want to play any of the new content. No, instead I have a backlog game lined up ready to play…

Tip - the last Phospher skin is a reward. That took me two hours to work out!

God of War – PlayStation 4

Way back in the PlayStation 2 days, I played the demo for God of War many times. I must have finished it at least 6 times. Same for God of War 2. The third in the series saw me looking at the series and thinking to myself “Really?”.

It wasn’t the overall lack of story. God of War was very much a vehicle to run around and destroy armies. The story was not what you played for – beating up everything that the game presented was the draw.

Then, in 2018, the series was rebooted. Reviewers raved about the game, especially the story, and it took full advantage of the PlayStation 4s graphic capabilities. It looks gorgeous. I bought a copy and played for about 2 hours, then put it in the ‘When I have time to finish’ pile.

The opening shot of Kratos in 2018's God of War sets a very different tone for the series

That pile I intend to put a healthy dent into this year. Now that I have Platinumed Immortals: Fenyx Rising, I am jumping into God of War before Hitman 3 pulls me in! I am much further in than my first attempt, and the urge to look up walkthroughs is strong. I know I have missed so many chests, and they are just the ones I could see!

The biggest trap for me so far is the single run experience of the game. If God of War was a movie, it would be considered a ‘single shot’ piece. This is great for immersion, but I played about 3 more hours than I should have on a work night waiting for the end of the level. Curse you old school habits!

We're going to need a bigger boat

Resident Evil 8/Village Maiden Demo – PlayStation 5

Friday morning, I started work and then realised I could actually watch the Resident Evil 8 showcase live. So I turned it on as I was dealing with some paperwork.

I am looking forward to Resident Evil 8 Village. Resident Evil 7 got me hooked into the series again, and I can’t wait to go back. So when they announced the PlayStation 5 exclusive Maiden Demo, I had to have a look.

It’s a ‘look and feel’ demo, and one that I believe will change over time just like the previous Resident Evil demos. The feel of Resident Evil 7 is here, and I think some reused assets. It’s hard to tell as there are also Resident Evil staples like the Bolt Cutters front and centre.

The bolt cutters return! Soon these will be as iconic as green herbs for the series!

You play an unarmed maid(? letters support this) that must escape a dungeon. The luxuries on display in the mansion are in stark contrast to the dilapidated Baker house. The visuals are great, and I am already missing VR support.

The decor is gorgeous - just don't look too closely. Blood is terrible to get out of tiling.

The demo has you solving some puzzles, and has a definitive ending. The mood-setting was suitably creepy and set up a great atmosphere. I am not going into spoilers – if you can take advantage of the free demo, play it.

There will be a second demo released closer to Resident Evil Villages release date. That demo will be available on all platforms, so everyone will be able to sample Village before its launch later this year.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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