Last Week’s Gaming

Racing the Immortals as I Clank past the Elder Sign causing Blood Rage!

It’s been a while since I have had Last Week’s Gaming! An extended break and a lot to fit into the first week, I skipped it last week. But now my gaming update and mini-review weekly feature is back in full swing!

I do openly state a poorly kept secret this week. I do skip talking about some games each week for various reasons. Usually, it’s because I can’t talk about a game, such as a playtest or research purposes. Until now, it’s never been because I am over talking about a game. If I play a game over and over again, what better way to show it than keeping it here?

So I do skip many games I played over the long site break, but rest assured any games I want to share will be discussed when ready!

Clank! Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated

OK, so putting this on my ‘must play’ list looks like a cheat. We had already started a campaign last year, so why wouldn’t we continue playing?

Alpal, Simon and I are indeed playing that campaign, but I also want to play a second campaign with Rabbit, maybe some others. This second campaign is the one on my goal list, but I also increased the goal count to 6 games to address the first campaign. Confusing, isn’t it?

We are now far enough into Clank! Legacy that I have run out of non-spoiler photos I am comfortable showing. For the campaign with Alpal, I will either skip the game was played in Last Week’s Gaming or just show the cover art.

We are continuing, we are enjoying ourselves, and I don’t want to spoil things. If you enjoy Clank! and want to dip your toes into the Legacy game style, Give Clank! Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated a go.

Last Weeks Gaming - Clank Legacy Cover Art
Try any of the 'normal' Clank! games first, but if you like them at all this is your Legacy game

Blood Rage Digital – PC

There I was, lying back on the couch with my laptop, waiting for some emails so I could finish my workday. What better time to start a quick game? It had to be one that would engage me, but not take all of my attention.

Welcome to another game of Blood Rage! In some funny ways, I prefer playing Blood Rage on my laptop. I can enjoy a game or two while watching TV or doing something else. I can run it without widescreen complications. Oh, the first world problems!

The developers at Exozet Game have been continually updating and making tweaks to the game since release. It was a game I already enjoy, but I really need to sit down and try a multiplayer game soon.

I hadn't played for a couple of months, but Blood Rage is still fun to fire up now and then

When all is said and done, I still enjoy Blood Rage. Check out all my thoughts on both physical and digital versions here.

Elder Sign: Omens – PC and Android

I need to do a review of Elder Sign and its digital implementation, similar to what I did for Blood Rage. For some reason, I am never happy with how the written piece comes out. It will be reviewed this year though.

To assist with this, getting another game in to reacquaint myself was in order. Oh, what a terrible situation to be in! Having to play a game that I enjoy, and winning on the first try, it was an ordeal I tell you!

Quickly summed up as an Arkham Horror adventure with Yahtzee mechanics is accurate, and still doesn’t do it justice. It isn’t a way to entice people to give it a try.

Challenges are solved with dice rolls matching symbols. This is the Yahtzee aspect.

I even got in one and a half games this week, as thanks to an extended queue I fired it up again on my phone as well. On mobile is where I would recommend people giving Elder Sign a try because it fits quick sessions perfectly this way.

But that is for the review, which really will be up at some point. There has been some shuffling because of Kickstarters already this year, so Elder Sign keeps getting knocked back. But I have a goal to have the review up by the end of February, with some possible video play content to go along with it!

Real Racing 3 – Android

I don’t know why, but I was in the mood to try a racing game on my phone. A quick search on the Google Play Store and Real Racing 3 caught my eye. I had heard of it as a test for Android on Raspberry Pi performance testing and decided to give it a look.

Well, the racing portion is sufficient. The graphics are smooth and appealing, and steering with tilt controls works well. The AI racers aren’t exactly the brightest, but this could also be because I was in the tutorial and early races.

What got to me quickly wasn’t the in-app purchases, which were surprisingly not in your face. They are there and are a big part of the experience, but I could continue for an hour without putting money into Real Racing 3.

Gameplay is smooty, but you sepnd a lot of the time just looking at your car

What I got over incredibly quickly was the number of downloads required. You install the game, and then start it up. You then need to download about 500MB to play the tutorial lap. Once you have completed the first race, you then need to download another couple of hundred megabytes. Open a new store? More downloads required.

I found a ‘Download all assets button’, and was greeted with this screen:

If you are looking to install on mobile data only, be prepared!

So when I was finished playing I had downloaded almost 4GB to my phone. For about an hour of gameplay. There isn’t enough to keep me involved, but if you want a Formula 1 style career mode game and money to burn to get everything, Real Racing 3 isn’t a bad choice.

If you feel like more of an arcade rough and tumble Burnout Lite experience, stick with Asphalt 9. You can play that on Switch as well!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising – PlayStation 5

I kept an eye on Gods and Monsters since its reveal. The premise of Breath of the Wild with Greek mythology interested me, and I wanted to see its performance would be like on the Switch.

Well, I got so busy I actually missed the renaming to Immortals: Fenyx Rising. The first thing that threw me was “What is a Fenyx?”. Well, it’s pronounced Phoenix – that should help similarly confused people.

From the team behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Immortals: Fenyx Rising has stuck to its roots. The Breath of the Wild comparison is natural but misleading.

I got ridiculously happy when I could ride a purple unicorn

The entire game is a story being narrated to Zeus by Prometheus about a hero who will restore the gods after their defeat by Typhon. You don’t need to know the myths to enjoy the game. As you enter areas that trigger backstory, you hear Prometheus and Zeus, but gameplay rarely stops. This lets you explore and continue while learning what you need for clues to what you are looking for are being laid out.

I am about 30 hours in so far, and I have been enjoying it a lot. If I felt like playing a game but didn’t want to do anything in particular, I would just explore. Other times, I finished a few quests in succession. Immortals: Fenyx Rising is a truly open world in that you can play as you like.

The world is only an island, but each area feels unique

Right now, I am on the cusp of a decision. Do I want to start knuckling down and trying to do the massive amount of side content for the Platinum, or continue on and just finish the game?

Doing things like the Tartarus Pits (BotW temples) can be fun, but finding and completing them all can get very tedious. Farming resources to upgrade all my items and skills and hunting to all the things will be time-consuming. But the game has been so fun, it is tempting.

We will see how I go over the next few weeks!

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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