Last Week’s Gaming

Doing the Miles Legacy Rage around Tobago for Happiness

Last Week’s Gaming was great, if bittersweet. We have returned to the normal work grind today, so the sleeping in and enjoying my gaming days are certainly done for a while.

But as I have proven many times, you can get in a surprising amount of gaming while working, and I have Cyberpunk to look forward to this week so yay!

It’s great having a regular gaming partner that has as wide a taste in games as you do. We both enjoyed Treasure Island, but the board design, coupled with my colour blindness made it hard for me to play.

So last weekend Alpal pulled out Tobago for us to play. Basically, players all have parts of treasure maps leading to buried treasure around the island. The goal is simple – get more gold than everyone else.

What makes Tobago interesting is the treasure isn’t in any set spot. As you play, you contribute map fragments to a treasure location. These fragments are clues like ‘Next to a river’ or ‘In a forest’. It is this way of building sites that no one has an advantage in memorising treasure positions.

Tobago - Building Treasure Maps
Building up the treasure maps is a suprisingly fun mini-game

As long as you contribute to a treasure, you get a chance at some of the loot. The player that digs it up gets the first choice, but if you were part of the process, you have a chance at the treasure.

I say chance because apart from gold you can find a curse as well! With the curse, anyone with a token on the map will either lose a protective amulet or lose gold. Of course, you will lose the highest value gold card – you can’t cheat the curse!

While the base island is set, you can alter landmarks like trees, huts and statues every game

I do want to get a few more games of Tobago in, and so we will probably be playing it on Board Game Arena while you are reading this with any luck!

The other game we got in was another round of Clank! Legacy. As Simon and I came into the campaign late, we now had a better idea of what was going on.

We also had some rule corrections so even though the game was getting more complicated rule and mission wise, everything went through quite smoothly.

I will learn how to focus on these minis one day

There is a good chance we will eventually finish this campaign, but I still want to play another full campaign with Rabbit. The downside to talking about games like this is spoilers. I don’t want to spoil anything significant to the game, but I am also holding back onto a lot of parts that made me laugh out loud.

That kind of moment is what makes the game special to play, which is why you want to share them. But knowing those moments are there dilutes the experience for others.

Adding up end game scoring. You may need to use your toes as well :p

I can definitely say if you enjoy Clank! and/or want to try a legacy style game, grab yourself Clank! Legacy and have a grand old time!

Blood Rage Digital

So I have talked about Blood Rage a few times, so this is a quick summary of some improvements after an update last week.

There has been some nice quality of life improvements, including changing the text font. This was a lot easier to read, which was nice. Gameplay flow is better, and the AI has been tweaked to be meaner. That last one is a subjective opinion, though.

Minor graphical updates are nice, but the text is so much easier to read

I only played one game last week, and I had two of the four AI players going out of their way to make my life difficult. This meant that one AI player had a clear run and absolutely dominated the final score.

Some would think I would call this a downside. This makes a game feel more authentic to me. Especially with the group I would play something like Blood Rage with. There are ‘grudge plays’ that their only purpose is to stop your plan. It makes for exciting table negotiations, I can tell you that!

Check out my review of Blood Rage for some of the original screens and thoughts. The only real outstanding niggle is no ‘proper’ ultrawide support. However, it is still on the devs radar. Hopefully, I can play in widescreen comfortably one day.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PS5

So after finishing Bugsnax, I was up for some more Spider-Man goodness. Time to tackle the newest entry: Miles Morales!

I went into my game just expecting more Spider-Man. You can definitely see Insomniac’s ‘Spider-Man’ formula at work. The tutorial has you defeating a well-known villain, and the combat prompts are the same.

The first small difference that made me smile was web-swinging. It still feels great to zip around the city, but Miles has a slight awkwardness to his movements when doing so. Partly because of his inexperience, partly because of the general awkwardness in the motion of someone his age. It just fit so well.

Everything in Miles Morales fts the new hero so well

Combat also felt different. Not better, just different. Miles has bio-electricity based powers, and he relies on this more than gadgets like Peter.

This is the primary strength of Spider-Man: Miles Morales for me. It is for all intents and purposes an expansion, but the changes feel natural for a different protagonist. It makes the game feel unique, even though it recycles much of the original game.

There are still plenty of strange glitches now and then that I noticed more often, but no game-breaking ones

Apart from those points, everything that made Spider-Man worth playing is the same in Miles Morales. Want to know what makes Spider-Man so good? Check out my review for my thoughts!

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness – PS4 (Played on PS5)

I have had Psyco-Pass: Mandatory Happiness in my PS4 library for ages. I am a fan of the anime, and I grabbed it on sale. After finishing Miles Morales, I was wondering what I could play that I could stop before Cyberpunk 2077 Thursday.

There won’t be too much detail on this one. Mandatory Happiness is a niche within a niche type of game. It is a visual novel, which instantly turns off a lot of players. It is also based on an anime/manga that deals with a lot of weighty issues. The game assumes you know what is going on from the get-go. Definitely a game for the fans.

The game does feel like a great stand-alone addition to the story. You just need to know the story to get the most out of it.

There isn’t much gameplay to go into because it’s a visual novel – you read a lot, pick an option, then read a lot more. Rinse and repeat. The story is original to an extent for the series, but the big plot twists I saw coming halfway through my first playthrough where I didn’t get fed the answers.

This may sound like I don’t enjoy the game, but that isn’t true. I have finished it twice with one of the two character choices, and am aiming to complete all the story paths with her before Thursday.

If you don't like reading, this really won't be a game for you. Subs is the only way - voice acting is in Japanese.

As for playing as the second protagonist, This might wait until I need a break from Cyberpunk. I will come back to it, but I don’t have a burning desire to try and Platinum Mandatory Happiness. Usually wanting to see all the paths gives you all the required trophies (or close enough), but Mandatory Happiness added a grindy mini-game to the mix.

The game (no name that I can see) has you matching tiles to increase their value, and you need to make individual tiles to complete the puzzle. Clear the ranked games, and get a nice score boost.

If I want to grab the Platinum, I will be playing this game a lot

The problem? To unlock all of the required files for the trophies, you need to play enough to get about 1,000,000 points. I have played for about an hour, and I have about 250,000 points. The game is a pleasant diversion, but it’s real work if you want to sit and just grab all the points straight away!

The other thing was I played Mandatory Happiness on my PS5. This actually bought a few shortcomings to playing PS4 games on PS5 into focus for me.

But I will talk about that in a future article.

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until next time,

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