Last Week’s Games – 26th November 2018

Welcome to the Desolate Penny Papers

Hi everyone!

Work is starting to ramp back up for a couple of weeks, so gaming time took a hit again, unfortunately.  That said, I had a great time playing the games I could get around to playing, especially checking out some of Alpal’s latest Roll and Write haul!

Penny Papers Adventures – The Temple of Apikhabou

Started the weeks gaming off with a fun little Roll and Write game of Alpal’s called Penny Papers Adventures – The Temple of Apikhabou.

Now Roll and Write’s are exactly what they sound like – Roll a die (usually, sometimes cards, sometimes draw from a bag) and write the result down on a special sheet.  There is usually a scoring mechanic such as most grouped together of a certain value, and the highest score wins.

This game was no exception and was a new experience for a couple of players as well.  There was a bit of ‘take that’ as when a mummy is rolled, you get to place a potential negative points marker in opponents grids.

All you need is a pen and the piece of paper. The rest of the stuff is because we didn't clear the table properly :p

This was a fun and quick little game that is also the start of a series, so if Alpal is willing there may be more games for a formal review coming in the future!

Welcome To…

A slightly different Roll and Write in that Welcome To is played with a deck of cards instead of dice, but the mechanics holds up very well.

Welcome To is a lot more thematic than most of the Roll and Writes I have played.  Here everyone is trying to build their ‘perfect’ suburb hence the Welcome To – your first job is to name your little area!

Then there are goals to meet such as making a certain number of estates containing certain numbers of houses.  House placement is fairly simple, you can place a house number anywhere in a street, as long the numbers are in ascending order.

Three house numbers, and three building abilities - everyone picks a house number and writes it on their sheet, and uses the power next to it if they wish. Simple!

You pick house numbers from three cards in the middle, and next to the house number are building ‘powers’ such as pools, fences and roadworks.

We played Alpal’s copy but I have a copy sitting on the table waiting for me – I thought I would be playing it more solo than in a group, but that idea has gone right out the window!

Welcome To 20181126
A Roll and Write with cards, Welcome To... is surprisingly stressful to play - but in a good way!


The fun single player I haven’t played in a while, I saw the box and decided on a couple of games as I was over screens for a while.

Desolate is still a lot of fun and a great challenge as I wrote in my review, and once I clear some games over the holidays I will probably look at ordering the expansions.

After a hard week and just looking at some much-needed downtime, a couple of rounds of Desolate was perfect for me.  Not too long, not overly fiddly, and I could get up and come back to it easily.

Combat is interesting in Desolate. Spend your resources to roll more die, or try and conserve ammo and potentially take a beating,

It’s just a pity I forgot to take a new pic, but oh well – as I said it had been a hard week!

Beat Saber

Well if you follow me at all, you knew this would be here.

Earlier this year I reviewed the ‘early access‘ version of Beat Saber on the HTC Vive, and tomorrow you will get to read all of my thoughts on the PSVR version.

This review will probably blend into a comparison of experiences with the PC version, as this week (fingers crossed) PC users will get all the new features the PlayStation got day one.

The Tutorial View. There are times you wish for the stream of nothing once you get into the game...

Short version though – it’s somehow more fun now, it’s amazing on PS4, and this is a game that sets the newbie VR bar so high other games will seem like a let down!

Pokemon Let’s Go

So I played very little Pokemon or Switch this week – this week and next week are going to hit me hard.

You may have seen on Facebook my little driving misadventure with the Poke Ball Plus.  Short version – it’s like an old-school Tamagotchi where your Pokemon tries to get you to play with it.

This is fine and fun and all, but it scared the hell out of my rattling away while driving down the freeway!

The interesting motion control and instant way to capture Mew, the Poke Ball Plus is growing on me - but not in game!

Anyway this weekend I got to pull my Eevee back from the stroll and went up about 14 levels.  From barely paying attention to it.  So gameplay wise – honestly, not overly impressed.  But to get Mew and ramp up your Pokemon when you can’t play?  The Poke Ball Plus is amazing!

What about you?  What did you get to play this weekend?

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