Kratos Nendoroid, Luke Cage Season 2, and the best film review ever

I am not cute, Boy

God of War came out a few days ago, and I think it’s fair to say has been regarded as an amazing experience.

With any successful franchise, there is the marketing.  Always the marketing.  I am guilty of having a few Pop Vinyl Overwatch figures guarding my fridge from on high.

The folks over at Good Smile have had a fairly niche but successful series called Nendoroids.  Basically, think posable Funko/Pop figures for an idea.  And their latest is Kratos himself.

Check out the site here for more images and nab one for yourself – preorders open tomorrow!  Without shipping, they will cost about AUD$50.

Nendoroid Kratos
I'm not cute! I'm fierce and ferocious! And posable!

Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer

I enjoyed Luke Cage last year.  In some ways, not as much as I could have, but it was overall fun to watch and I loved the musical numbers.

Season 2 seems to be taking a more comical approach if the new teaser ‘The Show Off’ is anything to go by.  I am guessing this is showing Luke enjoying both his celebrity and freedom while becoming comfortable with who he is.

While this is fun to see, I can’t see this being a season of television though.  What is coming to turn Luke’s world upside down again?

We will have to wait until June 22 to know for sure.

All reviews should be like this

So I REALLY want to talk Infinity War with people, but a lot of my group hasn’t seen it yet.  But I have got the ‘No spoilers but what did you think?’ question a lot.

For those people, this is the review you should watch before going in. Nothing is spoiled, no vague hints of impending awesome or doom, just a solid piece of journalism.

Honestly, if all film reviews were like this, I would give them a lot more credibility.

I am a huge fan of The Know.  They are passionate about their gaming, and it really shows.  Check out their much more in-depth take on the world here.

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