New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer reveals the most retro mini games ever!

I have not thought of Tiger games for years!

Well, things I love from my past have really taken front stage lately. Just the other day, I was writing about how Choose Your Own Adventure was coming back in a new form. I have been tinkering with my C64 mini. I have my new HDMI switch to set up the mini NES and SNES next to it. A couple of rumours around the internet had me thinking of my original Game Boy.

On a different note, I have been eagerly awaiting any word on Kingdom Hearts 3, preferably the words ‘Releases next week’. I know this isn’t likely to happen, but hey, a guy can dream 🙂

Well, a new trailer dropped for Kingdom Hearts 3 yesterday, and I was suitably excited. Not only at the visuals, or the new glimpses of the worlds, but the mini-game reveals.

Square Enix has decided that things like Game Boys are far too modern for retro nostalgia. For Kingdom Hearts 3 mini-games, Square Enix has gone back to the Nintendo Game & Watch/Tiger Electronics handheld games! And for some reason, I am smiling about this!


I have fond memories of my Game & Watch games, but Tiger games were a different story. They had the names, but not the gameplay. I smile at Parachute and Octopus but cringe at my first (and last) portable Street Fighter 2 game.

Either way, I am so excited at the thought of playing Kingdom Hearts again. I even recently picked up the PS4 1.5 and 2.5 remasters to get me right back into the story.

Did you play these early LCD games back in the day? Let me know your best and worst!

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