JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 3 – A little bit of what’s been happening

The version where I tell you what I have been up to recently

This week I am trying the more traditional podcast format.

I’m sorry it was a little late this week, St Patricks Day seems to have affected the Audio Fairies.

This episode I share a quick round of thoughts on some gaming news, then thoughts on Campy Creatures, Ex Libris, and a preview and initial thoughts on Fallout the Board Game.

Please let me know what you think of this compared to last weeks episode, so I can try and deliver the information you would like to be listening to!

Enjoy your weekend and talk soon!


2 thoughts on “JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 3 – A little bit of what’s been happening”

  1. Glad you liked it! Yeah, Fallout I really want to give a good go to because I think it can be a really fun game, but it shouldn’t be so hard to learn!

  2. Liked this episode! Good to hear some quick overviews of games. Agree with most of what you said about Fallout. After my first play I was ready to ditch it. After the second and third play I was starting to think I might like to invest some time into really understanding the rules.

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