JohnHQLD Blatherings Episode 001 – The Inaugural Episode!

Well technically blathering is to talk for a long time in a silly way.  I hope to not do that overall.

Hello and welcome to the very first round of my Blatherings!  Well, technically 15 minutes probably doesn’t count as blethering on, but I will let you be the judge of that.

Every two weeks, I will be releasing a new Blatherings episode for your enjoyment.

This episode is very much about myself and my take on gaming.  I do make reference to a couple of games but not in any real detail.  This episode is very much to let you get a feel for my background and my feelings on gaming in general and how those ideas and passions formed.

The next episode will be very different.  It will be a close look at one of my favourite games ever, and why I will probably never play it again.  After that will be a ‘standard’ podcast with games I have been playing and ones I am looking forward to.

My hope is over the next 4-5 episodes while I repeat this cycle, with your feedback I can tailor my content to what it is you would like to listen to and how.  At the moment I am doing fortnightly episodes, but if you enjoy the series I can look at releasing them weekly instead.  Another possibility is simply hearing me talk about games in detail each episode may be different enough and what you would like me to concentrate on.

However this travels, thank you so much for joining me and I hope to talk to you more very soon!


Where is the podcast?

Unfortunately, I have had to take down the entire old podcast hosting service. This means the source files are no longer on the internet.

Thank you for the interest. I have some new podcast ideas that will be coming later in 2021. I hope to see you then!

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