It’s 2021!

Welcome back for 2021! I hope you had a great break!

2021 is here, with 2020 now behind us. There is a whole new year ahead of us! What did you get up to? I hope you had a great break, or you are about to have one if you had to work all the way through the holidays!

I have been beavering away in the background, just as I said I would be. There have been a few more setbacks than I expected, but I am actually excited by them.

First off, a quick overview of what I have been up to!

First off, Cyberpunk 2077 was terrific!

I will be reviewing Cyberpunk 2077 and doing some more detailed pieces on top of the review, but I had a great time with the game.

Were there bugs? Yes. I finished the game on PC and dodged a lot of the console issues. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have problems. Random controls stop working, quests not triggering the next step, graphical glitches – it wasn’t as smooth an experience as I would have hoped for.

But I loved every second of it. I spent launch day playing each life path and ended on a Corporate Netrunner/Solo hybrid. I have about 50+ hours up at the time of writing, and I am actively avoiding playing again as I had to get back to work.

When the same patches that came to the Witcher games come out for Cyberpunk 2077, I can’t wait to hear about people’s experiences. I am disappointed in the state of the console launch, and how many feel burned by it. But as someone that has played the game heavily, I hope that the fixes come quickly so that more people can enjoy this fantastic experience.

Playing on PS5, even with ray tracing and HDR the game generally looks amazing

My new PC is a way off still. This impacts a few things.

I partially had a more extended site break as I was hoping my new PC would be coming in before the end of December. Spoiler – I am now hoping to have my new CPU closer to February.

Disappointing, sure. But it’s not the end of the world. It does mean I will be having another weird break when that comes in, but I am hoping it will only affect live things. I will go more into that when I have more info.

I don't let Enzo help me quite this much

Which brings me to some of those obstacles I was talking about.

First off, updates to aren’t affected by anything I am about to say. There will be some delays to the video and streaming side though.

This is no longer based on technical issues. I am 95% sure I have those licked, and I will do some bits and pieces in the meantime. The problem is I need to do all these again when I make my new PC, so I am holding off so I only do everything the once.

The obstacles I have are very much back end. To say has gone through many changes since its inception is an understatement. I still have trouble keeping older articles showing, and I am still failing with a few of them.

But I really want to revamp how I manage YouTube, Facebook and other socials so it makes life easier for everyone.

So what are you going to do?

Short version – I am reorganising and associated pages. The easiest way to think of it is I am ‘rebranding’. Some of the new look you are already seeing now!

On YouTube, because there is very little there, this is easy to do right now. A channel for regular streaming is a no brainer. Then I am going to do a video game, board game, and possibly a tech channel. This means you can follow along only with the content that interests you.

Everything will still be on the site, but people are being notified about content that doesn’t necessarily interest them. Choosing a Gaming PC is a good example. There were people that the series helped, but I know there were people that would have rathered read about board games.

The start of a lot of behind the scenes updates

Do I need to follow multiple pages?

Not at all. I don’t know the full details yet, but the idea is you can follow what you like, and leave the rest alone. That’s the driving force behind all this. Everything will be on the site, but who you get notified will be revamped. Same as how the site is organised.

The biggest change here will be on the menus. The homepage has everything, same as normal. But then I will restrict content between Board Games, Video Games and Tech, with only general Shenanigans appearing on those pages.

I am sketching everything out right now, but the idea is I should have this planned out and started to be built by the end of January. I will launch the new look ‘brand’ with YouTube etc. over the Easter break at the latest.

There will be talking about all this with plenty of heads up and links in the coming weeks. In the meantime, everything remains as is.

Some of these changes are starting now!

Tomorrow I will be talking about my gaming challenges for 2021 and my thoughts on gaming for 2020.

A big part of tomorrow is talking about how 2020 has changed my gaming habits, and what I will be focusing on going forward. These changes will be reflected straight away, and you will see these as of next weeks ‘Last Week’s Gaming’.

Apart from that, reviews will still be occurring more regularly, as well as a fortnightly tech news round up. I might do this as a video instead of a written article – I haven’t fully decided this one yet. We will see how I feel next week!

So lots of exciting things are happening! I hope you are as excited as I am by my new plans. As you can see, I have added quite a bit to my plate. Hopefully, this will mean that you can stick around for the things you like!

Stay safe and feel free to message me with how you spent your break!

Thoughts on the new directions are also welcome.

Until tomorrow,

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