Immortals: Fenyx Rising Review

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Cover Art
Released 2020
Platform PlayStation 5 (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, PC
Publisher Ubisoft (Website)
Developer Ubisoft Quebec (Website)
Homepage (Visit Website)
Players 1
Category Open World
Greek Mythology
Light RPG

Immortals greatest weakness is its flexibility. It is a game that has something for almost everyone, meaning it excels for no one. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good game!

Known originally as Gods and Monsters, Immortals: Fenyx Rising looked like a Breath of the Wild/Assassins Creed hybrid. After all, the team was responsible for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and the graphics are definitely ‘Nintendo like’.

I have tried about four times now to get into Breath of the Wild. It’s a good game, but if I don’t play for a week I just straight-up forget how to play it. Don’t understand why – the game is fun. The temple puzzles are challenging without being overly complicated, and by all accounts, the story is excellent.

Same with Assassins Creed. People raved about Odyssey, but I lost interest in the first game and never went back. When Immortals: Fenyx Rising was released last year, I decided to see what the apparent hybrid style game was all about.

Short version – Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an excellent introduction to the open-world adventure genre.

You will get the chance to sample staples of many types of game

The story is predictable but had me hooked instantly.

The story in Immortals: Fenyx Rising is cliched, especially if you know Greek myths. This is far from a bad thing in this case. The Titan Typhon has escaped and defeated the Gods, and in desperation, Zeus comes to Prometheus asking for help.

Prometheus has not been well treated by his brother Zeus

Prometheus states that he cannot help as Typhon has blocked his future sight, but a mortal will arise to defeat Typhon. So the two make a bet – if Fenyx can defeat Typhon, Prometheus will be freed from his mountain. But if Fenyx fails, Prometheus must fight Typhon.

So the game is narrated as Prometheus tells Zeus the ‘tale’ of Fenyx’s adventure. The game’s humour is also excellent, meaning I would often stop and listen to the story unfold as I entered new areas.

Playing as Fenyx, you must help the Gods regain their lost powers and ultimately face Typhon to restore humanity from a curse that turned them to stone. Pretty standard RPG stuff when you boil it all down.

You can explore as much as you want, skip types of puzzles, there is a lot to ease you into this type of game

The combat can be tailored nicely to suit your playstyle.

Difficulty levels in combat games aren’t new, and there is a lot of combat in Immortals: Fenyx Rising. There is a variety of creatures to face, and all come from Greek mythology.

Undead soldiers, Gorgons, Harpies, Cerbereus - there are a lot of familiar enemies

The more iconic creatures such as the Minotaur, Medusa and such tend to be boss creatures. Players that enjoy combat will be challenged at greater difficulties. Playing on Story mode still leads to a challenging fight, but removes the drawn out and ‘make no mistakes’ boss encounter issues.

Iconic creatures get an intro for the full boss battle feeling

Exploration is straight out of Breath of the Wild.

This may be a little unfair as I have played precisely zero per cent of Assassins Creed Odyssey. The idea is each area has high areas that you can ‘scout’ a location from. Scouting clears the cloud cover from the map, making it easier to get your bearings.

The island is split up into large areas to explore

You can also use ‘far sight’. This ability lets you zoom in and play a mini-game of sorts. As you look at a spot with a collectible such as a chest or myth challenge, your controller vibrates. When you find the right place, you can then mark the location and type on your map to hunt down later.

Far sight is interesting, but the number of things to find makes it a grind

Chests make sense, but Myth Challenges?

There are different activities that you can complete as you explore the island. There are Constellation challenges, where you need to find orbs and place them in a set pattern. Navigation challenges have you racing to a certain point within a time limit.

Some challenges test your ability to guide an arrow. You have to fix Frescos that have been split into four tiles. And you need to find small Lyres to learn a tune, to be played on a massive Lyre somewhere in the area.

The first couple of times I did each challenge was cool, then it got to be 'again'

And that is just the start of what you can do.

No, seriously. Vaults of Tartarus can be puzzle challenges, combat challenges, or all of the above. There are mystic Mounts to find and Lieutenants to fight, but these have to be discovered the old fashioned way. Lieutenants can be satisfying fights, but reward you skins for your winged friend Phosphor as well.

And this is just the side activities. There is a lot to do in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, or a lot to ignore. There is nothing in the game that requires you to do the majority of activities in the game. I played so much because I could just explore without worrying about playing ‘properly’. If you didn’t have the time, you could just follow the main story paths and be finished pretty quickly. The choice really is up to you.

The Tartarus Pits are self contained. There isn't much to explore as it's all void on the edges

And here is where Immortals: Fenyx Rising falters. It’s too big.

The basic systems in Immortals: Fenyx Rising are relatively simple. This isn’t a bad thing – it makes the game accessible to any level of player. It’s also a nice break from ‘SoulsBorne’ style gameplay.

While there is a variety of creatures to fight, on the whole, you face maybe half a dozen different foes that you need to learn. This makes combat somewhat repetitive, especially as you reload and reexplore areas.

There are many puzzles to solve, but once you work out each type’s basics, they become monotonous. There are only so many ways you can hide lighting lamps, shooting arrows, or weighing down plates.

There are so many challenges, chests, Tartarus pits etc

As a casual game, you don’t need to invest a lot of time into learning and mastering Immortals: Fenyx Rising. But if you want to complete the game, you will be putting in a lot of time repeating the same tasks frequently.

Wait, so do you like the game or not?

I really enjoyed my time with Immortals: Fenyx Rising. The Platinum achievement is testament to this. But for a game with so much collecting and exploration, more variety in tasks really is needed.

The downside to this variety is you lift Immortals: Fenyx Rising from a casual play experience. This limits the players that will want to jump in. For example, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice makes no apologies for its difficulty – you need to master the game. This isn’t bad, it just means specific players will seek it out and stick with it more than others.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising has the opposite problem. Everyone can get a Platinum in it (seriously), but people will probably be bored before they get there. This balance of challenge and amount of things to accomplish missed the mark. While everyone can finish the game, not everyone will want to see all it offers because they got bored.

Continuing the story is always satisfying. Exploring the side missions - not so much

So who should play Immortals: Fenyx Rising?

Honestly, I think almost everyone will enjoy the game. The only catch is for me people need to know what they are getting into.

The humour is entertaining. The story was well written even if formulaic. Exploring is fun, and the ability to just go do what you feel is well executed.

Knowing what I know now, I probably would have finished the story and loaded from the ‘point of no return’. I probably would have streamed a couple of hours a week on the Platinum hunt from that save.

This is how I think Immortals: Fenyx Rising would keep its interest for most players. Finish the game, then come back to it for a couple of hours as a break. Don’t try and do everything in one hit, or like me, you will be Immortaled out!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

Overall Thoughts

Immortals: Fenyx Rising is an open world light RPG puzzle/platformer collectathon. It sounds like a lot, and there is a lot in the game world, but this gives the player the choice to pursue what they want rather than guiding them down a set path.

There is a lot to explore for completionists, but the effort to master the game mechanics is low. This makes Immortals: Fenyx Rising an excellent starting game, but quickly gets repetitive.

If Ubisoft Quebec had cut the number of challenges, or add variety in the challenges for the mid to late game, Immortals: Fenyx Rising would have scored higher. As it stands, it is a fun game that I think 50+% of players will never see all it has to offer.



  • Great Gateway or Casual introduction to open-world exploration games
  • Great story filled with plenty of humour
  • The ability to tailor the game experience for how you want to play


  • The flexibility of the game makes completion a repetitive grind
  • Ubisoft Connect is optional, but rather insistent you spend money

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