I’m Back!

Welcome to the revamped JohnHQLD site!

We all know how life catches up with you, and I have had to juggle more than I hoped with a few things to try and get back on top of the pile.  But now that all that is mostly sorted, things are looking up again 🙂

Over the next week, there will be some news on timings for the more formal articles appearing on the site.  I will say now things like reviews will not be coming quickly, but they are coming as well as a couple of newer features.

Until then, please enjoy a few bits that have been appearing on the Facebook page, and will continue to do so going forward.  I hope that you will leave comments and discuss anything that interests you, even if you disagree with what I have said.  In order to minimise the internet being, well, the internet really, this does mean you have to register with the site, but I have hopefully made this easier now with things like Facebook logins.  You can also comment freely on the Facebook page if you don’t want to sign into here directly.

Until then, have fun, and I will hopefully talk to you soon!

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