I have met my first One Deck Dungeon Boss Battle – GOOGLE PLAY!

Foiled before even getting in the door!

So I thought I could play ONE game I have been waiting to play, albeit in a different format.  Last night Australian time, One Deck Dungeon released on iOS and Android.  EXCITEMENT!

Jumped onto the Google Play store, and was greeted with this:

One Deck Dungeon Google Play NO
I was hoping to get a game or two in during the day. Guess not. But does she have to look so smug about it? :p

Why Friday?  Why are you so determined to stop me from playing games today?  These solo digital apps are perfect for a quick game while there is a lull at work.  I am one of the ‘lucky’ ones that has gaps in the day because of workloads and time zones, and can usually have a quick game or two on my phone.

I can just buy One Deck Dungeon on Steam and play it on my PC, but it doesn’t feel right playing games on the work computer.  Ahh well, maybe I will finally rebuy Lords of Waterdeep for Android.  But it isn’t the same thing.

If you get to play One Deck Dungeon on Android, let me know how it goes.  I will try again in a few days, maybe there will be an update or more data?  I might just even buy it and see, I don’t seem to be being blocked.

Until tomorrow,

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