How long can Pokemon Go keep me coming back to it?

And once again, I fire up an old game and wonder ‘when did that happen?’

Pokemon Go.  To say it was a phenomenon back in 2016 when it first launched would be an understatement.  Even if you weren’t interested in Pokemon, everyone in the world heard about it.

I was one of those people.  Pokemon was a thing I knew of, but apart from playing Yellow on the Game Boy hadn’t had much interest in.  But as I needed to start walking again, a game that had you walking around and finding things was a well-timed incentive boost.

Then things changed.  A lot of people voiced ‘lack of things to do’ and just stopped playing.  Myself, I stopped having to walk so much, so it was an app on my phone that I fired up now and then.  I would catch a Pokemon or spin a Pokestop, and shut it down for another few months.

A few weeks ago I found out about tasks that are assigned to players.  Completing such tasks gets you rewards and items.  Completing all of them gives you a chance to find some really rare Pokemon.  I am starting to buckle down and go hunting for Mew 🙂

I even got to catch a legendary Articuno!  Honestly, I don’t know what that means really.  I have another Pokemon is all I know, but a lot of people were really excited about these legendary Pokemon being added to the game.

But it’s not just special Pokemon that are being added.  Pokemon from different generations and even areas have been slowly added to the roster.  Again, as a player that doesn’t even rate themselves a casual, this meant little to me.  I was just happy when I saw some Pokemon from Sun and Moon 🙂

I apparently caught my team's Mascot. All I know is I need to walk him a huge amount for some candy.

There has also been new mechanics added.  The friend system is now helping trainers trade their Pokemon.  This is something I never understood why it was missing in the first place.  One of the selling points of the original Game BOy Pokemon RPGs was the link cable and trading – it’s how you got your ‘missing’ Pokemon, those not in your version of the game.  But hey it’s here now.  And it’s my next target on what to look at…

Trading can lead to a type of Pokemon called Lucky.  These Pokemon take less Stardust to train than normal, and apparently the longer it has been in a trainers storage, the higher the chance it will be a Lucky Pokemon.  As I am pretty sure I have some day 1 Pokemon, they may be a likely trade candidate for some of my friends.

The other thing that has been in Pokemon forever are Shiny Pokemon.  I heard about them, but that was it.  Shinies are rare differently coloured Pokemon with a ridiculously low chance of finding any.  Well, so I found out after I asked a friend heavily into Pokemon Go what all the stars were about…

I have a Shiny Wailmer! No idea how or why, but its mine 😀

I don’t see myself collecting Shinies (or trying to really), but the trainer trials I want to keep doing now.  So I can see myself playing Pokemon Go at least 5 days a week, with a bit of a stroll at lunch to get away from the computer.  This won’t help with my 7-day collector bonuses, but hey you can’t have everything.

And all of this renewed interest is before the November release of Pokemon Let’s Go and the integration betwen the two games.  And the Pokeball Plus controller that lets you play both.  The idea of walking without having to constantly look at my phone has a lot of appeal to me.

So somehow, without noticing it, a two-year-old free mobile game has bought me back to playing it.  That is something a lot of ‘proper’ games have yet to accomplish.

Until next time,

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