Here comes a new challenge for you! Can you guess the game?

I am still enjoying setting up Yeti hunts, but how about something a little different as well?

I describe a lot of games. And that will continue. But publishers also describe their games. It is how we get a feel for what the game is about when we look at the back of the box.

But what if someone messed around with the words? That’s the challenge!

I have taken a basic description of a very well known game, and replaced certain words.

For example:

“Miners take the part of circus performers, attempting to party and then dance their circus.”


“Players take the part of land owners, attempting to buy and then develop their land.”

The game – Monopoly! Can you tell me what game this is describing?

In submarine, players sneak from pineapple to pineapple in a porcupine to plunge the abstract of: Wally jumped it, with Sally, and Google?

While the words are fairly random, if I replace a word I replace every instance of that word. So in today’s trial puzzle, the word pineapple has replaced the same word.

Can you guess the game? I think they will be a bit of fun. If you do as well, use the reactions just above the comments section to let me know!

Until next time,

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