Hellboy is back! Well, in Board Game form.

The chance to play out a comic is awesome!

One of the more underappreciated comics I read growing up, Hellboy has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while now. Between the back then ‘adult that reads comics’ issues to the different ideologies incorporated into the stories, many people just didn’t give it a chance.  Mike Mignola created a character and world that was somehow mindless fun and deeply satisfying at the same time.

Then Guillermo del Toro bought Hellboy to the screen, and all of a sudden Hellboy hit mainstream acceptance.  It’s funny how things like that work 🙂

So with that in mind, Mantic Games has a big challenge in front of them.  Both a dedicated comic fan base AND mainstream movie audience to keep satisfied.

Luckily with their record, I think they may be up to the task.  Just the box art has me reaching for the pledge button.

So up front one of my usual Kickstarter ‘warnings’ are games that don’t make the rules available as a part of the campaign.  This is one of those campaigns, but they handle it what I think is the ‘right’ way.

Hellboy Box Art
So many memories

Yes, there are no rules on the page.  But there are plenty of gameplay videos with the disclosure ‘rules are in playtesting’, so everyone can see what the intent of the game is.  This is really what I need when deciding on if I think the game could be fun to play, and by seeing gameplay in action and the designer talking through some of the interactions, it’s a great chance to both understand their thinking and provide feedback on possible alternatives.

At the end of the day, Hellboy is a miniatures game, and they have nailed it.  And this is similar to a CMON outing – the game started with 99 minis, and is now over 110!

Checking out the miniatures on the page, even unpainted, pulled at the nostalgia strings hard.  You can see the influence of the original art, and I can really see some of the comic stories taking place on the board.

Honestly, even if you wanted to just paint the miniatures and use them as a diorama, they would fit in perfectly.

Seeing these professionally painted miniatures reminds me how much I miss painting

But the gameplay itself, now that really looks interesting.  It looks like a mixture of Mansions of Madness and Elder Sign.  This may sound contradictory but bear with me.

So there are tiles to build the area with that you must build and explore, which is the Mansions of Madness similarity.  But the timer is a Doom tracker, very similar to the Doom tracker in Elder Sign.  And instead of collecting Elder Signs to win, you collect clues and items that help with the final confrontation.  Collect them all, and the final battle is easier.

This is a gorgeous game, and I am very, VERY tempted to back it.  There is one thing that is holding me back, and it’s a pretty common issue.

You see, Mantic is in the UK, so the pledge is in British pounds.  That is the worst conversion rate for us here in Australia.  This will be about AUD$220 including shipping. Ouch.

I can’t deny the value for money with what comes with the game, but I have backed a lot recently and just ouch.  I have it saved, and if I can think of a way to justify it, I will probably back it in the next few days.

Check it out yourself on the Kickstarter page for more information!

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