Heading through The Grimm Forest, I found a nice surprise.

You realise that the original fairy tales were dark and horrible stories right? It’s things like The Grimm Forest that make you forget that.

Last year, there was a Kickstarter project for The Grimm Forest. Looking at it, I knew up front that it wouldn’t be a game destined to be the next hotness. The idea of an area control/worker placement style game in a fairy tale land gone wrong had a simple appeal to me. A slightly heavier game for younger players in my collection is always a welcome thing.

Well, last night my copy of The Grimm Forest arrived. I knew from the Kickstarter project that the art was pleasant enough, but it was late, and I wanted to have a look. Opening the outer box, I was presented with the game in a sleeve that made it look like an old book. It has an embossed style cover, with that old time leather look to it even though it’s a simple cardboard sleeve.

Then I saw the ‘back cover’.

The Grimm Forest Sleeve Back
It's the little touches, rather than hard to store extras, that make me appreciate things like this even more

It was a lovely little thought that brought a genuine smile to my face. There have been a lot of Kickstarters with acknowledgements and letters of appreciation in the contents. This was just a little touch that was immediately seen and appreciated.

I will be doing a full review of The Grimm Forest in about three weeks time. I am looking forward to sitting down with it properly tonight and going through the contents.

The components for The Grimm Forest are so beautiful
Beneath the Kickstarter Sleeve, the standard retail version awaits.
I can't wait to get right into this and give it a proper play

Until next time,

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