Ghostbusters World is coming? An AR game I never knew I wanted

I don’t think your phone will have the same punch as a proton pack

I have known of Pokemon for a long time, but I don’t consider myself a major fan.  I played Pokemon Yellow back in the day, then Moon, and now Ultra Sun.  I have finally watched the Indigo League on Netflix, and currently watching X and Y.

There was an attraction to Pokemon Go though.  Finding and catching what was to me new Pokemon was a rewarding experience, so much so that I still fire it up when I am walking through shopping centres or PAX Australia.

Late last year I heard that they were making a similar game based on the Harry Potter franchise.  I wasn’t surprised that more games of this sort were coming, but even though I don’t mind Harry Potter as a whole, I knew I was still going to play Pokemon Go.

Then yesterday I read an article on IGN about the announcement of Ghostbusters World.  Information right now is fairly light but basically, it’s catching Ghosts instead of Pokemon and it’s coming later this year.

While the teaser trailer below shows no actual gameplay footage or share any real information, it hit on the nostalgia strings enough to make me think I may have a new augmented reality catch fest to try later this year.

I won’t uninstall Pokemon Go just yet though.

GHOSTBUSTERS WORLD (AR Mobile Game) – Official Teaser Trailer (HD)
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