Cover Art - Sifu
Follow the path of revenge and defeat those responsible for the death of your father.

With a unique aging mechanic and measured combat, Sifu is a homage to old action films and a test for modern gamers.
Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows
Developer Sloclap
Publisher Sloclap
Player Count 1

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Journal Entries

March 7th, 2022

I sat down with Sifu a couple of times this week, and beat Yang! Not only did I beat the final boss, and finish the game, I managed to spare him and unlock the true ending!

So a second game has been finished in 2022. The question now is do I want to go out of my way to Platinum it?

20220307 - Sifu - Yang battle is on a different level
Yang battle is on a different level

I have been playing Sifu on PlayStation 4 and 5, so I have two separate trophy lists happening. On PS5, I have 3 trophies left for the Platinum. They are: Finish the game at 25 or less, hit 3 people at once and see every takedown in the game.

Beating Yang at 25 or less is doable, I need more practice. And I have the other two trophies on PS4 but here is the kicker – I don’t know how I did it!

Hitting three people at once I can do, but seeing every takedown is going to take some effort. The only reason I say this is I have unlocked it on PS4. I have played significantly more on PS5 so I would have thought it would have popped there naturally!

20220307 - Sifu - Early runs are good for grinding
Going back into the game makes you feel like The One or Neo

Sifu has been a lot of fun, and cathartic at the end of some days. The internal debate on whether to take on the Platinum challenge is real though.

I have the desire and drive to take on Yang and try and get that fight won below 25. If I do that on PS5, then an occasional run where I enjoy the combat could unlock the rest without effort. Sifu on PS4 would take some effort though, as I have a few more trophies to unlock.

None are particularly hard and I know how to unlock them. I would need to do some particular runs while the techniques are still fresh in muscle memory. This is a couple of hours at worst? How much would the cathartic Sifu session feel like work for the final trophy grind?

20220307 - Sifu - Student Calls
Will I answer the call?

The other side of the coin is I dropped Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Horizon Zero Dawn for Sifu. I don’t regret the change, but I do want to continue both games. I am worried that both games will need a restart to get used to the controls again.

See how things run next week!

March 21st, 2022

After taking a week off from Sifu, I decided to have a play. There was no push to do anything other than relaxing after a hard day with a fun game.

During this chill run, I earned two of the three remaining trophies. Hit 3 people in one attack, and saw every takedown in the game. This meant beating the final boss at age 25 or less was all I needed for the Platinum!

So the next night, I decided to buckle down and try for the Platinum.

20220321 - Sifu - PS5 Platinum Achieved
Platinum achieved!

I had to start from scratch. The checkpointing system in Sifu is a little strange. It saves your progress at the start of each level (hideout) at the youngest point you reached there.

Usually, this is fine. But I had been upgrading in areas to get other trophies and having good runs. This meant I was overpowered for much of the level, and underpowered for later boss fights!

So a from-scratch run, focusing on upgrades to make the final fight easier was on the cards. This did mean that the normal level enemies became smidge harder as well.

20220321 - Sifu - That reverse sweep gets me most of the time
That sweep gets me most of the time – but this was the last time Yang would hit me with it

But about 3 hours later, I finally beat Yang at the tender age of 22, losing only to the last two bosses a single time. I will take that as a win!

This was all on my PlayStation 5. I have also been playing on my PlayStation 4, and I only have the same trophy to unlock to Platinum Sifu twice. I am not trying to do it right away, but I might try it next week. As a lunch game, Sifu is quite a good choice and my PS4 is up in my office!

Oh and just as a side note – when playing on Sifu version 1.5 on PS5, the game ran incredibly well. I did this final run on version 1.7, and the camera seems worse and some enemies spawn out of bounds, making progress impossible.

I recommend Sifu as a game, but I hope there is another patch soon to fix up the small bugs introduced in the latest version.

20220321 - Sifu - The 1_7 patch seems to have made thigns a bit worse
After the 1.7 Patch, this enemy regularly gets stuck stopping progress