Burnout 3: Takedown

Cover Art - Burnout 3 Takedown
From the Publisher:

Grab the wheel and hold on as you battle and takedown the competition with the most spectacular crashes this side of Hollywood. Seatbelts not included.
Platforms PlayStation 2
Developer Criterion Software
Publisher Electronic Arts
Player Count 1 with online multiplayer available
HomePage https://www.ea.com/en-au/games/burnout/burnout-takedown

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Journal Entries

October 3rd, 2022

So I thought it would take a couple of weeks to finish the last two race events for Burnout 3. Saturday morning, I had a little bit of free time and thought I would try the Grand Prix. I figured that I would try and make some headway, and get a little closer to finishing. Well, 20 minutes later I could say goodbye to the US Circuit Racer!

20221003 - Burnout 3 - It may be a just won but a win is a win
I may have only just won the Grand Prix, but I will take it!

This led to one more race. The final race of Burnout 3. The vehicle and reward – the Euro Circuit Racer. The description is ‘faster than the real thing’, and I can believe it.

Burnout 3 takes all the benefits of the US Circuit Racer in terms of speed but adds some more steering control. it then pretends the car is made out of tissue paper.

The Euro Circuit Racer looks amazing, but it doesn’t take much to crash. And in a game called Burnout 3: Takedown, guess what everyone is trying to do to you?

20221003 - Burnout 3 - We only just started the race and I am getting belted
I got taken out in the first second of the race!

I was pretty happy finishing the F1 Grand Prix. I didn’t think I would do the final Grand Prix straight after. Burnout 3 races can be pretty tiring. But I was mistaken. To cap my Saturday and start my work holiday eve, I collected gold medals in every Burnout 3 event!

Now all I need to Complete Burnout 3 is to get 2 bus, tram and trailer takedowns in one race. Add to that 5 more signature takedowns that I have missed, and about 950 more takedowns. Then, I will have 100% Completed the game!

20221003 - Burnout 3 - Not much to fully Complete
So close, and yet so far!

So I will likely stick to a road rage event or two at lunch every couple of days. This will let me slowly but surely make my way through the takedown totals. Then, I will turn my attention from Burnout 3 to Burnout Revenge! 🙂