Gamers Chest – A component organiser dream on Kickstarter

Why didn’t this come out a year ago? Always the way!

I have been looking for an easy way to keep components sorted and stored while streaming board games. I have come up with an answer, but it’s not as lovely as the Gamers Chest!

Know upfront the Gamer’s Chest is pricey. Not as expensive as other options though – you need to keep the costs of competing products in mind.

Gamers Chest Kickstarter
A great gaming collection in one easy to use package

OK, so what is the Gamers Chest?

In simplest terms, it’s a game component organiser, dice holder and dice tower all in one. The Gamers Chest is also very flexible and takes up no more space to store than the tower itself. This space-saving feature is a large part of the appeal of the Gamers Chest.

For games that end up having piles of components that take a ton of table space, this is a great way to clean up the table. You can have trays specifically for the different components, either for the ‘bank’ (communal elements) or for players.

Then there is the high-quality dice tower. Admittedly not for everyone, but a great boon for tables that involve rolling and have minimal space. Almost every group has that one player that seems unable to roll dice without messing with the table state!

A really nice feature is that you can mix and match tiles as you wish. Well, to a degree. You can choose from a preselected number of tiles with different heights. But just being limited to the number of tiles doesn’t limit you to a type of tile.

Want cardholders? Add them. Want more component trays? Choose them. This might get tricky if you really want more ‘bank’ double-height trays. These you will have to buy in addition to the base pledge, and only a certain number will fit.

Honestly, it’s still more flexibility than a lot of other systems offer – especially at this price.

You can mix and match within a set number of choices, or get additional trays

Why is the Gamers Chest special? You can get these bits anywhere!

Yes, you can. They are convenient, and I have looked at many options with envy over the years. One of the Gamers Chest most significant changes is that everything is stored within the tower itself. This makes setup and storage a breeze!

Wow, that’s expensive.

Not going to lie – it looks really expensive. That’s why I talked about the price upfront. But if you look at the relative costing, the price is very reasonable.

The closest I have found that is readily available is from Wyrmwood Gaming. They are known for making high-quality components, but their dice towers alone start at US$100. Then add US$30 per tray which have to be stored separately, the cost quickly climbs.

That is why a starting price of US$130 I think is quite the deal!

Are you backing this?

and streaming board games. This makes it a product I would use multiple times, which makes it viable for me.

The Gamers Chest also looks nicer than the various plastic tubs and such that I have collected to use for the same purpose. So the want is there, and I have justification. I want to use it well before the end of the year with the delivery times, so there is that.

I also spent a fair bit this month already on games, so it’s a budgeting choice. In short, I think the Gamers choice is great. I will probably decide in the last 24 hours, though.

But don’t let my indecision sway you – check out the Kickstarter campaign yourself and see what you think!

What about you? Does the Gamers Chest tickle your fancy? I know it’s not for everyone, so I am interested to see if you would like it.

Until next time,

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