GameFor – an interesting app to help find other gamers!

Looking to make a new game group or extra player?  GameFor has you covered

Yesterday, I saw a mention of an app called GameFor.  Something about connecting gamers?  It was free, so I had a look.

Jumping in, I was instantly greeted by a new board game group in Brisbane I knew nothing about – The Blind Pig Games Club.

You may be thinking “So?  Isn’t that what the app is for?”

Well yes, it is.  But GameFor is written as a free app from US-based We’re Milk Can Dev & Design Studio, and Australia usually gets ‘outside of area’ type issues for these type of apps.

Finding a group and event within 5 seconds of registering is actually pretty cool!

And not just groups – yes the first page is a gaming event, but GameFor has a virtual bulletin board for gamers looking for players groups as well that already looks pretty healthy in my area.

GameFor Upcoming Events
Upon registering (a very quick and painless process) first screen is an event near me! Usually I am greeted with US events
Looking for players is also just as advertised. A fair number of people are already on and around in QLD, which is awesome!

I won’t be jumping straight into new groups this weekend, I already have a fair bit on.  However, if you are looking for somewhere to play/someone to play with, give GameFor a look!

You can get the app for free on Android and sort of for iOS.  I say sort of because I can’t find the app on my Australian iPad App Store, but the homepage has a link so maybe there is a way?  Android users no issues loading though, and what I have on my phone.

The only niggles I have with Gamefor so far are pretty simple fixes.

  1. Get it on the Australian iTunes Store
  2. Allow distance to be changed to km’s.  The US is virtually the last holdout for imperial distances!

Registration is email and an emailed verification code and is quick and easy.  After PAX (Maybe even during?) Don’t be surprised to see a JohnHQLD group appearing in the future!

Until next time,

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