Game Deliveries this week – It’s no Gen Con, but it’s still a haul!

Just when you are feeling down, the game deliveries start arriving!

Reading about players coming back from Gen Con (or any gaming con) is always a treat.  The stories of great times and game demos are always good for a read.  The pics always worth a look, both for the focus of the picture and the little hints inadvertently caught in the background sometimes.

And of course, there is only a tiny smidge of seething jealousy at pics of the Gen Con hauls coming home with lucky attendees.

Looking at some of the games, I was happy to know I already had Portal’s Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.  Seeking a cheeky Forbidden Sky had me looking for player reactions.  Hail Hydra has me curious, and Legendary Encounters: X-Files has me reaching to pay for another ‘I don’t play Legendary’ game.

But then a mixture of deliveries all came in a flurry of notifications.

20180806 Game Haul
Big Trouble in Little China, The Big Score and Mint Delivery. It may be a little haul, but it's mine 🙂

First up is Van Ryder Games Kickstarter The Big Score.  I wrote a fair bit about it back in February when I backed it, and it has arrived!

The Big Score is one of those competitive cooperative games where you test the old saying ‘Honour Among Thieves’.

You work more or less as a team on a series of smaller jobs before moving into The Bank and tackling the titular ‘Big Score’.  Here is where a push your luck and try and maximise your score by pulling loot out of the player built Bank.  But be careful – you could call the cops down on top of you!

Any luck I will have played a game or two by the time you have read this, so my thoughts will be coming soon.

The Big Score and the Crack the Safe Expansion. Unboxed, unpunched and in all it's glory!
Mint Delivery rivals the Pack-O-Game games for quick games easy to transport and teach

Next up is another Kickstarter game called Mint Delivery from Justin Blaske.

Nothing too complicated here – it’s a 15-20 minute pick up and deliver game for 1 to 5 players.  And it fits inside a mint tin.

That is one of the main reasons I grabbed Mint Delivery.  It’s a game that is just a little too big for pocket size, but easily fits in a laptop bag and weighs next to nothing.

This is one I can take to work and solo or pull out as a filler on game nights.  The rules are specifically designed to teach and play within minutes.  Sometimes when I travel, this is a game I can sit and wait for flights with solo, or possibly meet some new friends with.

A report should be coming in the next few weeks after some playtime.

And finally, the game that is all in the reflexes.  Between Big Trouble in Little China and Who Goes There, Kurt Russell is becoming a constant theme in my last couple of game deliveries!

Preordered last year from Everything Epic Games, the deluxe edition of Big Trouble in Little China is a campaign-style lets me play through the campaign story solo or with up to six players.

Just even the quick opening has me excited about playing!  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was expecting when I opened the box, but the neat packing and attention to small details (I won’t spoil them just yet) has me very happy that I got this game 🙂

As this is a much bigger game, I might not get to play it for a few weeks.  But again, once I have played I will let you know what I think!

The Everything Epic is certainly not being taken lightly! And everything stacks nicely back in the box. It even has a map for where the minis go back!

So that’s it for this weeks haul.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of the floodgates opening and many more parcels are to come!

Until next time,

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