For the love of board games – an interesting Kickstarter

A look inside how some great games came to be

One thing I love about board games is the how they can impact different people. Want logical games? Want thematic games? Want narrative games? There are plenty of games for all these and more, with designers well known for some types of games more than others.

Erin Dean has been busy interviewing some modern board game designing greats into the collection ‘For the love of board games’.

And when I say modern greats, some of my favourite designers are in this book.  This includes (but is by no means limited to):

  • Kane Klenko (FUSE, Flatline, Covert)
  • Tim Fowers (Burgle Bros., Paperback, Fugitive, Now Boarding)
  • Antoine Bauza (Hanabi, 7 Wonders, Takenoko, Victorian Masterminds)
  • Seiji Kanai (Love Letter)
  • Emerson Matsuuchi (Century: Spice Road/Eastern Wonders, Specter Ops)
  • Don Eskridge (The Resistance)

And many, many more.

For the love of board games
I am really interested in reading interviews with a lot of these designers

This is Kickstarter for a collection of interviews with Board Game designers.  It’s hard to really give you much more information than that – this is a product that is what it is.

But if you are the sort of person with an interest in the creative process and/or board games, this is a Kickstarter for you.

To see some of Erin Dean’s previous work, check out her documentary ‘The Board Game Boom’ on YouTube (shown below).

If you are interested, check out the Kickstarter here.

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