First Impressions – The Medium!

Rebuilding a video recording setup is never fun! But it’s done, and I tested it on The Medium.

You may remember me mentioning The Medium from my January Highlights. I wasn’t going to grab it day one, but as it came to PC on Game Pass, why not?

My exported video recording settings are now almost useless because of updates, upgrades and other IT fun stuff. So what better way to practice than just getting in there and doing it?

So I set the profiles back up and I recorded it to give you my First Impression!

Do I really need to watch a whole video?

Short version – The Medium feels like old school Silent Hill/Resident Evil. The slow narrative build-up, not much action happening. At least, in the first 15ish minutes that I played. I am avoiding spoilers to enjoy it as much as I can later.

I am guessing it’s more narrative-driven than combat driven based on Blooper Teams last games, and the storytelling style may not sit with everyone. But if you have Game Pass, it’s a safe try. I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

Does this mean Streaming is starting again soon?

Probably not, unfortunately. I really want to stream live when I am comfortable in my setup, and the new PC will be a huge disruption.

But, when it comes to recording videos – now that is something I can start doing again! I am not 100% sure about what or how I am going to do here, but it’s happening! First Impressions with The Medium is just the start. A slow start, but a start!

I am toying with the idea of splitting up some of my older retro adventure games into YouTube videos rather than streaming. Some of those old games I can finish in a couple of hours. Some I can finish in half an hour!

Either way, things are happening, and I need to work out what I can fit in while waiting on the new PC. Any ideas what you would like to see? I might even stream The Medium as I am sure it’s nowhere near as long as The Witcher!

Until next time,

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