Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is now available!

Pocket Edition?  Final Fantasy XV: Chibi edition more like it!

360 Mb of Final Fantasy is currently loading onto my phone.

Yep, that pretty much covers it for today!

I am a long time fan of the solo Final Fantasy offerings (the MMO type ones not so much).  While I can appreciate some of the original PS1 titles being released on smartphones, the controls and screen size make for a very different experience, so I tend to stay away from them as a general rule.

So I am excited to give a go to a dedicated phone version and see how it translates.  All controls are done via single taps, so that removes any fiddly menu issues with previous ports.  And to help with the screen and general size of the game, Square Enix just went and made Final Fantasy XV so damn cute!

This may be the spur I need to sit and play the ‘true’ console version finally, but probably not.  It’s a game I know I will finish, but when I get to it.  It’s nice to know I have a copy that I can play in my pocket though 🙂


Chapter 1 is free to try, then it comes out episodically and you can buy chapters individually or essentially a season pass.  Pricing on the website has the chapters between USD$1 and USD$4 per chapter, or USD$20 for the season pass.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Feature
Something looks adorably different...
Anyone that has seen the start of the 'real' version of Final Fantasy XV knows how good this scene looks
No! Only 2 weeks to retirment! Wait wrong meme...

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