Elder Dice: The Colours Out of Space will liven up your game nights

If you are already tempting the Dice Gods, why not tempt them all?

Dice are one of those tools that many gamers don’t give a second thought to, and some obsess over.

I enjoy playing with quality dice, but I don’t have a bag of dice that betray me.  So I guess I am in the upper middle of this demographic?

Rolling a nice die and a cheap one is like being driven in a Limousine, then a Golf Cart.  Both do the job, but one is more relaxing and fun than the other.

There are always fun things to be done with dice as well.  I have written of Polyhero dice in the past, dice that take a fun form of the character you may be playing.

Infinite Black has created some lovely looking ‘standard’ polyhedral dice with some customisation, but also add more for your gaming pleasure.

As if you needed incentive to not roll 1's already!
Truly if there was ever a set that suited me, chaos would be the one
Do not mention Lovecraft's note to himself!
Yog-Sothoth sees all and knows all

But as well as being gorgeous looking dice, they also come in their own clever book-like case with a magnetic clip – very thematic and handy!

There are also a number of stretch goal designs and add-ons being unlocked as the campaign continues.  These range from new dice and case designs to playmats and even a gorgeous looking GM screen!

Backing a project like this is always a very personal thing – it clicks with you or it doesn’t.  These dice won’t make you a better role player or increase your chances of a critical success, but they do look great.

If these designs appeal to you check out the Kickstarter campaign and have a look see.  The pledges, bundles and add-ons are a little confusing on the surface, but the team from Infinite Black are active in the comments if you need a hand.

My favourite playmat design, and the design shown on the GM screen

If you love the look of the dice but can’t wait, the original Elder Dice designs are still for sale on their website for quicker gratification 😀

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