Doom Eternal has me looking forward to another fun time

Probably my favourite Bethesda announcement during their presentation looks like Hell on Earth

I remember playing the original Doom way too much.  I mean WAY too much.  I remember finishing Episode 1 on Ultra Violence in about 11 minutes.  OK so to today’s speedrunners that wasn’t anything special, but in 1994 it was a heated competition between myself and a student named Willy for the particular crown.

Flash forward to 2016, and DOOM is released.  I had a steam voucher, and I was hearing OK things, so I loaded it up.  My mental process was something along the lines of the following:

Metal music.  Fells like Doom I guess.  It’s definitely very pretty in a hellspawn mass murder kind of way.  Strange start, but ahh right there is the armour.  Nice touch.  Shooty shooty.  Glory kills?  Wow, that’s too much fun!  And here is the end of the level.  Yeah, this is pretty cool.  Wait what is this lever?  Secret doors!  Yes, this is just like… Wait… The secret is a Doom level!  LMAO!

Then I look up, and it’s been 7 hours, I have almost finished the campaign, and I need to shower for work.

The Cyberdemons look a little different to what I remember from the 90's

A little while later, I was upgrading my PC and had a mate bring his PC over so I could install my old graphics card in his rig (upgrade for him, and I was happy it found a new home).  Asked him if he had anything ‘pretty’ to see the improvement in graphics, and brought him DOOM on the spot when he said not really.

DOOM is by no means the greatest game ever.  It pushed few technical boundaries.  But it was so much fun – something that had been lost in a lot of modern shooters.  I never got into the multiplayer (big surprise) but I randomly reinstall it and play through a few levels for a bit of mindless fun.

So during yesterday’s Bethesda E3 presentation, this little gem caught my eye.

It is really only news that it’s coming, and I have to wait until August and Quakecon for more news.  But I can wait.  There is a sequel coming, and if the formula stays about the same, I will be enjoying every second of it 😀

Until next time,

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