Diablo 3: Eternal Collection officially coming to the Switch this year

Stay awhile and listen…

So yesterday on Facebook I linked to a Kotaku story that Diablo 3 was coming to Switch this year.  Well, technically it was a story that Forbes had accidentally posted a story about Diablo 3 a day early, but that’s not what we were interested in!

Short version – it was true.  Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is coming to the Switch this year!

Diablo III Nintendo Switch Trailer

I have one problem with this trailer.  About 41 seconds in, you see someone playing in Docked Mode with the Joycons in that controller like bracket adaptor.  OK.  Then his mate walks in, and picks up a Pro Controller off the table and starts playing with the first guy.

If the Pro Controller was on the table, why would the first guy be playing with the Joycons?  Why not just dock the Switch and pick up the Pro Controller?  THIS MAKES NO SENSE!  :p

You know what does make sense?  4 player local play.  You can split screen play just like in the trailer, but if you have a few friends around and they have their Switches, then up to 4 of you can have your own screen in action.  The same can be done with online play (obviously this will require the upcoming Nintendo Online), but sitting in the same room with your team to me is a lot more fun.

As mentioned yesterday, just like Skyrim on the Switch there are some Nintendo specific goodies as well.  These are a Breath of the Wild style Ganondorf armour set, a Triforce portrait frame and wings inspired by Majora’s Mask.  My favourite though is a new pet Cucco.  Given how aggressive they can be, I can’t wait for an enemy to try and hit one!

Look at the pretties! Sure they are just cosmetic, but they are a bit of fun

Now I love me some Diablo.  It was my first proper online game, and taught me in about 2 hours to stay away from online play.

Diablo 2 was an epic game I played literally for years!  I went through about 4 systems while playing it, and the character save file was more precious to me than most of the other data on those machines.

I even remember dropping a mate in it with his girlfriend at the time.  She was impressed at my level 94 assassin tearing up Act 1 but wanted to see something better.  I pointed out that while it was a new adventure in Act 1, it was Act 1 in Hell difficulty.  Her other half had insisted on playing only on Normal because it’s all the same, so the closer look at my game opened up a whole new game for her.

When Diablo 3 came out, I was having all sorts of internet issues and time problems, so I didn’t play it initially on PC.  Probably lucky, as the one friend of mine at the time that was playing it complained that it ate all of his internet allowances.

As I was starting to have the time to pick up a copy, Diablo 3 was announced for Consoles.  This had me both excited and worried.  Excited, because I could kick back on my couch and play Diablo!  Worried because Diablo was the shining example of ‘click to hit’ play.  How would this translate to the console?

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  Playing Diablo 3 on a console just felt right.  The controls were intuitive, and the new gameplay options were an absolute blast to play!

Technically I am probably about 20ish hours from getting the Diablo 3 platinum trophy.  All I need are the grind trophies – Complete 500 bounties, get 6 character classes to level 70, and fill all inventory slots with Legendary Level 70 gear.

But playing by myself, I think I just kind of lost interest.  I always intended to go back and grind the trophies, but that was four years ago and I haven’t fired it up since.

Is now a bad time to ask for... Oh... Well, more XP for me!

But playing it on the Switch – now there is a way to pass the time with friends.  Technically I could probably buy Rabbit a copy on PS4 and we could play, but then one of us would have to lug a console and screen to the others house or play online only.

We recently bought Diablo 3 on PC because it’s easier to carry a laptop anyway so we could play together, and it was $25 on the EB sales.

But you know what we each carry around with us almost automatically?  The Switch.  And there are other friends I know that will prioritise games on the Switch over any other platform.  Getting four of us to go adventuring really shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s what I was talking about with Destiny 2 and online game in general – the game may be grindy and repetitive, but if you are doing it while chatting with friends, you enjoy each moment so much more.

There is no confirmed release date yet, only later in 2018.  But with Blizzcon only 4 weeks away, surely it can’t be too long before a firm date is revealed.  Personally, I am hoping it will be an ‘Available Now’ announcement during Blizzcon!

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