Destroy All Humans! Remake Launch Date Announced!

Excited for another round of fun alien invasion madness!

Last year, I got all excited when THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games announced a revisit of a PlayStation 2 favourite. Destroy All Humans! isn’t a game for some, but it lets you take the aliens side in a B-movie parody setting.

This is a video game! Isn’t Wednesday supposed to be about exciting Kickstarters and the like? 

I tried. I hit a bit of a wall this week though.

Frosthaven is going great guns, and Resident Evil 3 from Steamforged Games went live today as well.

Frosthaven Cover Art
Excited it exists? YEP! AUD$250ish excited? Not right now...
Well made, but the gameplay didn't really click with me

I haven’t finished with Gloomhaven yet (not even really started!) so biding my time on Frosthaven. As for Resident Evil 3 – the minis are great, but Resident Evil 2 didn’t really click with me. This makes it hard to be enthusiastic about the follow-up.

Mainstream wise, no new announcements have really grabbed my attention either. Seems to be a slow week.

But knowing when I will be able to play Destroy All Humans!? That is worth getting excited about!

So what is Destroy All Humans!?

Players take control of Cryptosporidium 137 and make your way through various missions in this open-world adventure game. You play along with various cold-war era sci-fi tropes, such as rescuing a previous visitor and extracting human DNA for study.

Honestly, the original gameplay is pretty basic. You play Destroy All Humans! for the humour of the story and missions more than anything else.

The humour can be very sophisticated at times, and well in the toilet at others. Anal probes are a weapon choice and make it simple to extract DNA (think currency). Time appropriate pop references are also included. You can also scan the minds of other humans to help your concentration in stealth missions. This leads to some incredibly funny dialogue choices at times.

To get an idea of the kind of humour involved, if the reveal trailer doesn’t at least make you smile – probably avoid this game. 😀

So when is the release date?

Oh yeah, that would be helpful, wouldn’t it? July 28th is when I will be going to pick up my DNA Collectors Edition. I couldn’t help myself, the statue is awesome!

It's not often I grab these versions, but I can see that UFO on my shelf 🙂

So early August, expect to hear me talking about my first impressions and hands-on with another revisit of the past 🙂

Until next time,

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