Destiny 2 is free for PS Plus users ahead of Forsaken

People are going all out to make sure Destiny is not Forsaken

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can get Destiny 2 for free, right now.

I have spoken a few times about my Destiny experiences, and right now Wednesday’s release is Destiny’s last chance for me.

Harls is back and some new people are playing, and Destiny is still fun with more people.  Playing with Harls and helping some new people through the story is still fun, but the changes in Forsaken are very ‘meh’ for me.

I had dropped of playing with the Clan with Harls away, and for that and some other shenanigans, I am no longer a member of the Cosmic Voids Clan.

Disappointing, but the people I played with when I could are on my friend list, it’s just they don’t get bonuses if I help them do strikes and the like.  This makes timing issues even more problematic because it’s not in their interest to go out of their way to play with me.

This isn’t a complaint of the game, but it has a lot to do with my state of mind when it comes to Destiny prior to this week’s Forsaken expansion.

20180421 Destiny 2 Harls The Blade Selfie Emote
Meet Harls. It's usually his fault.

Last week I played a bit with the new weapon options and they were OK.  Not great, not bad, a bit of getting used to.  I have seen arguments of ‘Finally’ and ‘What the?’ on the internet during the week.  Basically, it’s relearning the weapons system.  It’s a huge change, and one that was asked for – even demanded – by a large part of the community.  New players – no problems, it’s how it works, but this week the weapons seem to be in a limbo space with most changes implemented and bugs to be fixed.

PvP has descended instantly back into a shotgun/sniper meta that has a brutal entry level curve.  As a player that was starting to come around to trying some Crucible, this has killed off my enthusiasm again.

What has me interested though is the story change.  Cayde-6 is dead (or soon will be), but rumours of other vanguard regulars dying as well have been circulating for months.

Bungie is gambling big with the Cayde-6 reveal.  Knowing they could keep it secret from data miners (Cayde’s passing was already found in files a year ago), they have gone big on the Year 2 opener, and I want to see where it goes.

Advertising the death of a fan favourite as a 'benefit' is risky at the best of times

Playing with others is still fun, and I will continue to do so.  I am not down on Destiny, even with some weird clan stuff happening.

I want to play with a Bow and Arrow, and that is coming.  I like that I can now have an assault rifle, a scout/sniper rifle and a big bad weapon loadout.  Destiny looks like it is providing positive changes.

Wednesday night, I will start playing the new Forsaken storyline.  History says Harls will probably already have done it, but will need to again with another character 🙂

If I get through the story in a couple of hours like Warmind, and all the other activities are heavy on raid and prestige multiplayer grind required for entry, that could spell the end for me playing though.  Escalation Protocol is fun for a bit of Hive shooting, but I have never completed it – and probably won’t to be honest. Not without serious preplanning for times, which means a new clan, and Australian based most likely.

Or starting a new one.  It’s not without merit – a beginner clan that isn’t so competitive based.  The idea has merit.

Ask me Friday, after a couple of days with Forsaken.

Until then, enjoy Destiny for free with PlayStation Plus and let me know what you think of the game.

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