Delays, Delays, and another Delay

My busiest work time has overtaken my ability to write

Sorry guys.  I was hoping by sticking to one article a day, I would have time to write about a new game or bit of news on schedule.  The end of the financial year has caught up with me though, and I am snowed under.

There are currently 2 Kickstarters that I am interested in which are the subject of the next lot of articles.  I will be writing more on why I am interested in them and a bit of a description of them, but if you would like to have a bit of a look yourself think of this as a sneak peek if you will!

The first is Gorus Maximum, and the Kickstarter page is here.

A twist on the old style trick-taking card games of old, Gorus Maximum was a light and small game that I noticed from Origins and looks like an interesting bit of fun.

It is played with custom cards rather than the standard deck, but the art style is interesting and the mechanics seem to fit the play both mechanically and thematically.

Small, different, and I think worth a look!

Gorus Maximus - like Bridge, but with Gladiators!
The Grid - an interesting competition between other players as well as the game

The other is a new game called The Grid: AI Awakens.

This looks like an interesting hand management/area control game, but with a couple of twists I like the look of.

You are competing against the other players and have things like secret objectives.  This by itself is nothing new.  But, you have to work together against the game itself, so it’s not a game you can jump ahead of the other players.  If the AI (the game mechanic you are playing against) wins, everyone loses no matter what scores or objectives they met.

There will be proper write-ups on the games soon (I am hoping for tomorrow), but if these sounds interesting check out the respective Kickstarters and let me know what you think!

Until next time,

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