Deadpool 2 was great, Kingdom Hearts 3 and PS Vita news

If you liked Deadpool, the sequel is a must-see for you

So I saw Deadpool 2 last night.  Given the posts over the past few days, I think it was fairly obvious how much I was looking forward to it.

Short version – I really enjoyed it.  It built on the first movie and dialled it up, and I had a great time.

I did have a few concerns about copy-pasting the best parts of the first Deadpool, but given Ryan Reynolds passion for the project, they were very small.  And after seeing it, I am glad to say these were all mostly unfounded.

The only reason I say mostly unfounded is that if you didn’t like the fourth wall breaking in the first movie, then you really won’t like it here.  The trailer shows a lot of examples of these casual references to the ‘real’ world to give you an idea of what I mean.

For me, all of this was a plus.  I loved each reference that I caught, and I will probably be seeing it again to try and catch all the others I am sure are there.

So many walls were broken in the making of this film

If you enjoyed the first movie, this is a no-brainer go see for you.  I really want to see Infinity War again on the big screen, but Deadpool 2 may have pipped it priority-wise for what to go see again.

Could there be Kingdom Hearts 3 news coming?

So another franchise I love and will need to book major holidays for is Kingdom Hearts.  It’s only been about 12 years Square – take your time I’m not in a rush.  I did recently buy the 1.5 and 2.5 PS4 remixes thinking I would play that in the meantime, but let’s be honest.  Destiny 2 is fun with the guys, and I have God of War to play and Detroit Become Human coming.  And that’s without touching the rest of my backlog.

Luckily for me, the good people at Kingdom Hearts Insider made my day a little brighter with this gem:

Now, kind of like my movies, I am glad it’s coming but I don’t want to know EVERYTHING that’s coming.  A huge part of these games appeal to me is exploring the worlds and getting a new perspective on all the franchises involved.

However, if an actual release date was part of this invitational premiere, that would be amazing.  If Square pulled a Bethesda and revealed the game is released in a few weeks, that would be both amazing and terrifying for me.

I can't wait to explore all the worlds again

Amazing because I can finally play the game!  But terrifying because IT and End of Financial Year never mix well.

In any case, you know I will be sharing more on this as it becomes known!

Side note: If/when the Fox/Disney merger goes ahead, Deadpool will technically be eligible to be used in future Kingdom Hearts games.

Please Please Please Please Please that would be so terrible for all the right reasons.

Vita owners have a mixed news day.

I liked my PSP.  I outright LOVED my Vita.  A lot of us that bought it did.  If you listen to the grumbles on why it failed, the main group that apparently didn’t love the console was Sony themselves.

Today, I have my Switch, and the only regret is that the Switch now is almost what the Vita could have been five years earlier.

Late last year, the Wii U port was cancelled and concerns that the PS Vita port wouldn’t be far behind.  Stardew Valley’s creator Eric Barone aka ConcernedApe went onto the blog and said that wasn’t the case, but it’s all been quiet since.

Well, that changed a couple of days ago with the announcement that the Vita is getting the game on May 22nd.  And not only getting the game, but it’s a crossbuy purchase, so if you have Stardew Valley on PS4 it will unlock on your Vita, and vice versa.

Stardew Valley PS Vita
Unfortunately about a year too late, but it made it!

Unfortunately, this version of Stardew Valley isn’t slated for the multiplayer patch coming, but it has finally made it to the best handheld hardware prior to the Switch.

Just to be clear – yes, I love my Vita.  It has the best hardware.  The 3DS software library kills it in comparison to the Vita.  That statement is just as true.  I am just sad that the killer hardware couldn’t get the killer software library it deserved.

Speaking of sad, there is some bad news for PS Vita to go with the good.  Physical cartridge production got an official end date of March 2019.  It has been a couple of years since I have seen any physical Vita presence in the stores, prompting many a ‘PS Vita is dead’ video on YouTube.  This is just the penultimate step for Sony shutting down the handheld for good.

Ah well, at least now I have my Switch to enjoy while I think of what could have been.

Until tomorrow,

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