Deadpool 2 releases TODAY! Dad Jokes with Kratos, and Nathan Fillion is back

What better way to start your Wednesday than with DAD JOKES!

Christopher Judge is best known for his work in the Stargate shows as Teal’c.  This year he is known for a new undertaking, taking over from veteran Kratos voice actor Terrence C. Carson in God of War.

If you are a Stargate fan, you will know that Christopher Judge displays a mischievous streak and always looking to have a bit of fun.  Today’s video found at shows him voicing Kratos making Dad jokes.

Let’s be honest.  Do you need to know more?

Dad Jokes with Kratos

Nathan Fillion returning to the small screen in The Rookie

Another actor that enjoys themselves is Nathan Fillion.  I could go on and on about greats like Firefly and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, but I would go on and on 😀

This year, Nathan Fillion returns in a new series called The Rookie, where a 40-year-old divorcee becomes a Hollywood police officer.  The trailer below sets up the history pretty well, but this looks to be a more serious role than Fillion’s latest outings.  I look forward to seeing for myself how this will play out.

Deadpool 2 releases today!

I am seeing Deadpool 2 tonight.  Work is shuffled, things are arranged, this is happening.  I am excited 😀 Once again, the final Deadpool trailer:

I will say I am a little disappointed with the internet in some ways though.  Last week, via Instagram, Ryan Reynolds posted the following Infinity War anti-spoiler campaign request/parody/whatever it’s Deadpool who knows:

My love of the franchise is well known in the office, and I have already been asked: “Can you tell me if it’s true *Spoiler Thing* happens in the movie when you see it tonight?”.  The question seemed innocent to the individual involved and was surprised when I pointed out the question was a dick move on their part.

So it seems people have been putting up spoiler information including post credit scene breakdowns on the internet.  I am sure this will get them clicks, and generally speaking people have to go out of their way to read the spoilers.

The internet on the whole has gotten better at putting actual spoiler info in the titles.  I didn’t filter a small spoiler for Infinity War, but seeing late that Peter Dinklage was in the film was fine – what he was doing etc. wasn’t referenced.  I still find it amusing though that a lot of the world got Infinity War almost a whole week before the US, but when they got it THEN the spoiler information came pouring out the same day.

If you are one of those people that read the spoiler articles, while more power to you, how about not spreading the information to others without asking?

To their point of view, the article they read said it could be changed, so it might not happen.

But it might happen.

I now have in my mind what could have been a fun surprise during the film.  I am already excited, so my mind is already trying to blow it up more than it probably is intended, in anticipation of a fun event.  So now if it happens, that sense of wonder and surprise is soured.  If it doesn’t happen, will I be disappointed in that at the end of the night?  Only time will tell.

But at the end of the day – if you want to know specifics on something you haven’t seen, and it’s not easily searchable on the internet, probably don’t ask others that haven’t seen it those same specific questions.  It’s obviously supposed to be a surprise.  Just sit back and enjoy.

If you are the sort of person that has to know – just make sure the people you ask feel the same way.

Until tomorrow,

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