Cyberpunk 2077 now has a 2080Ti themed card to win!

In a pun way, I am dissapointed it’s not a 2077 super :p

Over on Twitter, CD Projekt Red and Nvidia have been teasing out the existence of a Cyberpunk 2077 themed graphics card.

This morning, this card was revealed to exist. Not for retail sale, you can build the ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 rig with a specifically themed Geforce RTC 2080Ti.

Win a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition - LIMITED EDITION GPU not available for sale

How do you get one of these? Nvidia is running a competition for 77 lucky people to get the chance to win one! Normal Social Media “like and use this tag” type entries. Full details can be seen on the competition page here.

Imagine putting one of these into your gaming rig

Do you need one? No. If you already have a rig for gaming, you are probably already have (or looking to add) a card like this.

Do I want one? Sort of. More for novelty value. Will Cyberpunk 2077 look gorgeous with a card like this? Absolutely. But you can buy both a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for almost half the price cheap 2080Ti, so as always it’s how much are you willing to spend?

The fact that this card exists makes me smile. It’s a great collectors piece at the very least. If you are looking to enter, good luck!

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