Crowd Funding

Here is all the Crowdfunding stuff I find interesting and am looking at backing personally.

If the page is quiet, it’s not that I’m not interested – it’s that my wallet is on life support!

Space Goat Productions Update – from a Lynnvander perspective

Space Goat Productions Logo

So Space Goat Productions has not been a good place to talk about for a while now. Recently a Designer Diary from Lynnvnader designer Tommy Gofton gives a bit more of an insight into the day to day business realities of working with Space Goat. This isn’t only informative for Terminator and Evil Dead 2 backers, but also for people interested in how game companies work together – both ideally, and not.

Posthuman Saga is live on Kickstarter

Posthuman Saga Box Art

Posthuman is a game that came my way as a donation, and I really enjoy it. Gamewise, it’s a complicated set of rules and interactions, but narratively it’s a great seed for an amazing world. Now, this world is expanding as Posthuman Saga goes live on Kickstarter.

Hellboy is back! Well, in Board Game form.

Hellboy Box Art

I am with Guillermo del Toro – Rob Pearlman IS Hellboy. That said, I can’t wait for the new Hellboy movie to come out – different doesn’t mean bad after all! But in the meantime, Mantic Games has released a gorgeous looking board game on Kickstarter to help tide over the Hellboy cravings!

Battletech is almost here!

Battletech Feature

Sometime around November 2015, I backed one of my first digital Kickstarter projects – Battletech. Harebrained Schemes, apart from having an awesome company name, has a great track record and Jordan Weisman on board. April 25th my time, Battletech will unlock on my PC. This is going to be great!

Zombicide Invader now on Kickstarter

Zombicide Invasion Box Art

The third Iteration of Zombicide is absolutely raking it in over on Kickstarter, as expected. CMON has put the rules up straight away, so I’ve been able to look at more than just the beautiful miniatures and wonder if I should back it. So, my thoughts on Zombicide Invader