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Here is all the Crowdfunding stuff I find interesting and am looking at backing personally.

If the page is quiet, it’s not that I’m not interested – it’s that my wallet is on life support.

More Monikers! And a Big Box!

Monikers is one of those fun party games that you might have trouble convincing people to play, but once a couple of people are up everyone will jump in on. And now, more Monikers shenanigans is available on Kickstarter – with a bigger box to hold it all!

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Space Goat Productions Update – from a Lynnvander perspective

So Space Goat Productions has not been a good place to talk about for a while now. Recently a Designer Diary from Lynnvnader designer Tommy Gofton gives a bit more of an insight into the day to day business realities of working with Space Goat. This isn’t only informative for Terminator and Evil Dead 2 backers, but also for people interested in how game companies work together – both ideally, and not.

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Escape the Dark Castle is expanding on Kickstarter

It’s no secret Escape the Dark Castle has rocketed to a top five position in many of my gaming categories. I was already weighing up getting the first expansion soon, or next month. Well, the decision has been made for me – it’s on Kickstarter, as well as brand new content!

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Munchkin Christmas in July on Kickstarter is a Loot Box?

So today becomes a lesson on Loot Boxes, Munchkin, and how they mash together on Kickstarter. Yeah, I don’t fully get it either, but hey it really does make sense.

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Posthuman Saga is live on Kickstarter

Posthuman is a game that came my way as a donation, and I really enjoy it. Gamewise, it’s a complicated set of rules and interactions, but narratively it’s a great seed for an amazing world. Now, this world is expanding as Posthuman Saga goes live on Kickstarter.

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