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Here is all the Crowdfunding stuff I find interesting and am looking at backing personally.

If the page is quiet, it’s not that I’m not interested – it’s that my wallet is on life support.

Will you defeat the Leviathan? Naval combat micro game on Kickstarter

Games like X-Wing, Man o’ War and the like are fantastic experiences. They usually contain a lot of pieces and have a lot of prep time required though. Leviathan seeks to change that with an 18 card microgame of the same depth.

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All Kickstarter projects hope to be The Big Score. Will this be one?

Card drafting and push your luck isn’t a combination I would have thought of, but Van Ryder does quirky well. The Big Score is for 1-6 players and plays up to an hour no matter the player count.

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Nanty Narking – it’s old Victorian for Great Fun apparently.

Martin Wallace looks like he will have a great year. First AuZtralia is coming to Kickstarter soon, and later this year the retheme of Discworld: Ank Morpork is coming. Nanty Narking anyone? Apparently, it means Great Fun.

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Viceroy: Times of Darkness is on Kickstarter!

Viceroy is one of those games that I don’t get to play often enough. A little too heavy for a light game, but too light for a serious session. Time to see if Viceroy: Times of Darkness can help with that.

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UBOOT The Board Game – A very interesting Kickstarter

It may only be for some, but when you want to play a submarine simulation with your friends, but don’t want to sit at your PC, what can you do?

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