Coming to PAX Aus 2019? Come join the XP Hunt!

We are on the road!

When you see this, Rabbit and I are making our way down to Melbourne! There will be pics occasionally on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you would like to see how we are progressing 🙂

Today would normally be last weeks games, and I did get to host/play some! The group played Chronicles of Crime last Monday while I worked, and I got a decent way into Catherine: Full Body. Expect normal gaming updates upon our return!

But today, I want to ask anyone coming to PAX Aus (or anyone just interested) that wants to join our PAX XP hunt to join on our Facebook group!

It’s a one off group (well, annually active group all going well) that only exists to share PAX XP locations and help others looking.

There is one question upon joining, and it’s to ask that you agree to being courteous to fellow members and not posting actual QR codes. That’s it!

So if you are interested, come and join us at the Facebook group!

See you there!

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