Closing down a bit over the Holidays!

Well, that’s been a year, hasn’t it? relaunched on the 29th of January, 2018.

So technically, publicly, this has been going again for around 11 months.  But what an eleven months this has been for me.

Some things I didn’t quite get off the ground as I hoped.  Video is still something I want to do, but I couldn’t quite get the handle on I was hoping for.

The podcasts though – both JohnHQLD Blatherings and Clear, Concise Ramblings – went better than I could have dreamed.

Sure, we won’t be winning any awards soon, but the reception and feedback have been positive and there are tweaks coming in the future as well.

Being able to share the chats I have with Alpal in the Ramblings has been fun, and it is something that we enjoy doing.  Still, need to nail the sound recording process, but it’s getting there!

Blatherings Banner
Regularly talking out some game thoughts has been a great experience

Kickstarter news has taken a bit of a nosedive, which is unfortunate.  I still keep an eye on Kickstarter, but not as much as I used to.  This is something I am hoping to address in the coming year and fills in that little void on Thursdays.  You knew it was there for something!

But reviews have taken off, and are also being well received.  From a ‘when I can’ to a regular twice-weekly affair, this is probably my biggest time achievement in regards to the site.

The Wednesday puzzles have also been a lot of fun, but they could be evolving again early next year – let me know if you want them left ‘as is’ or would like to see something different!

There is also a new feature that has become surprisingly popular – Last Week’s Gaming.  These mini-snippets into our gaming experiences I thought would be a bit of fun, but have started turning into something more.

See the sights, take happy snaps, and don't forget to explore! Oh, did you get hit by a lava ball? Have a free souvenir!

But as much as I am happy and pleased that I have been able to bring you something five days a week, there is something I am a lot prouder of.

Thank you for finding a random link somewhere and coming to have a look.  Thank you for staying, and thank you for joining in.  It sounds cliche, but without you reading this there is no point to me writing it, and I am happy that we can be taking such a journey together.

Hopefully, now, you are starting to wind up work and prepare for the gauntlet that is the holidays.

I know I am, and I am working at clearing the decks as much as possible to continue to grow the site and community next year.  To do this though, I will be taking a little time off from the site over the holidays as well.

So from December 23rd to January 7th, I am going to be taking a bit of a break from updating the site.  The puzzles will be staying, as is possibly Last Week’s Gaming, but Reviews and Clear, Concise Ramblings will be away for a couple of weeks.

That image of an Aussie Holiday. Yeah, not going to happen 🙂

During this time, I will be doing a few things.

I am looking forward to spending time with loved ones.  A couple of days or more will be cataloguing and starting to clear out the gaming pile (Yes, there will be the inevitable ‘shelfies’ once I know what I have again!).

There will also be a concerted effort to getting ready for a couple more large changes in my life next year, not the least of which being moving house.  There is nothing as carefree as moving after the better part of 6 years!

I also hope to be finalising plans for a better setup of my video gaming stuff.  I don’t know if I will have time to implement these plans, but this will hopefully make recording and spoilers! streaming easier.

All in about 9 days.  Why do they call these HOLIDAYS again?

During it all, I will be randomly posting things on Facebook and Twitter, so don’t forget to follow me there as well to see some shenanigans happening!

But that’s my plans.  I hope you enjoy whatever you get up to over the next couple of weeks, even if it’s just enjoying a bit of quiet time at work while everyone else is away!  As always feel free to send me a message showing off what you are up to over the holidays as well – if it’s on Twitter though don’t forget to @JohnHQLD me!

Once again, thank you for joining me this year, and I look forward to seeing you all again next year.  Even if this year has been a short one, it’s been a great ride and I look forward to continuing 🙂

All the best, be safe and enjoy, and once again thank you.

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