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Alpal and I just kick back and talk about some of the games we have been playing.

A lot of these games will be seen in Last Week’s Gaming, and almost all will be Reviewed as well.

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Ramblings 009 – Criss Cross and Scarabya

In this latest episode, Alpal and I have a look at a couple of Roll and Write games – a genre that has exploded this year.

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Ramblings 008 – Potion Explosion

Potion Explosion was a premise I loved, but I just couldn’t play. Then the app was released, and I was hooked! Today, Alpal and I talk about an interesting game that works well in both board and video modes.

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 007 – Push It and Tags

Sometimes you want a game that really gets you thinking. Other times, you just want to sit and enjoy. Here are some games that let you do both!

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 006 – Forbidden Sky

Welcome to Clear, Concise Ramblings! This week, we talk about a game I have been eagerly awaiting all year – Matt Leacock’s Forbidden Sky!

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Clear, Concise Ramblings 005 – Dragon Castle and Gold Fever

It’s time for another round of Clear, Concise Ramblings! Today Alpal and I talk about Dragon Castle, a fun multiplayer mahjong solitaire style game, as well as Gold Fever – possibly best well known for #tomvaseldoesntlikefun!

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