Chrono Trigger sneaks its way onto PC – TODAY!

More than 20 years on, Chrono Trigger still has it!

One of the games I was really hoping would make the cut onto the Super NES mini was the classic Square game Chrono Trigger.  It wasn’t.  The mini SNES is still awesome, but that would have made a great addition.

Square this morning has surprised the world however with a surprise for everyone.  Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam!

CHRONO TRIGGER – Launch Trailer

Considered by many the definitive JRPG for the SNES era (and arguably of all time), Chrono Trigger was designed by Square’s Dream Team.

The Dream Team consisted of three members.  Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy, Yuji Horii, Designer of Enix’s Dragon Quest series, and finally Akira Toriyama, a manga artist famed for his work with Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball.

The Steam release is not a port of the 1995 SNES version, but rather the 2011 mobile release.  This includes optimised graphics as well as all bonus material from all of the releases including Playstation and DS ports, such as the bonus dungeons.

I do suspect however that this surprise announcement may have broken Steam.  On trying to get the general link, I am always greeted by this screen:

Chrono Trigger Cover Art

It could indeed be coincidental, but the impact of Chrono Trigger on generations of gamers still cannot be understated to this day.

For fans of the series take note – for a limited time, there is a limited edition of Chrono Trigger on Steam including five tracks from the soundtrack with notes by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, as well as six wallpaper images.

Check out the Steam page here.

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