Cyberpunk 2077 now has a 2080Ti themed card to win!

In a pun way, I am dissapointed it’s not a 2077 super :p

Over on Twitter, CD Projekt Red and Nvidia have been teasing out the existence of a Cyberpunk 2077 themed graphics card.

This morning, this card was revealed to exist. Not for retail sale, you can build the ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 rig with a specifically themed Geforce RTC 2080Ti.

How do you get one of these? Nvidia is running a competition for 77 lucky people to get the chance to win one! Normal Social Media “like and use this tag” type entries. Full details can be seen on the competition page here.

Cyberpunk 2077 2080Ti
Imagine putting one of these into your gaming rig

Do you need one? No. If you already have a rig for gaming, you are probably already have (or looking to add) a card like this.

Do I want one? Sort of. More for novelty value. Will Cyberpunk 2077 look gorgeous with a card like this? Absolutely. But you can buy both a PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for almost half the price cheap 2080Ti, so as always it’s how much are you willing to spend?

The fact that this card exists makes me smile. It’s a great collectors piece at the very least. If you are looking to enter, good luck!

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Last Week’s Gaming – April 15th, 2019

20190415 Tetris 99 Winner


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Mythos Tales

So the final case has been played.  This game has left me with a lot of ups and downs.  From the Kickstarter itself, the poor quality of the first edition, inconsistent case quality, it’s been a journey.

Expect the full review soon now, but the final case was a great night.  It was indeed an interesting round, with many possible choices.  Harls and I were wary as there are only a few pages to the case, but they were good ones.  Multiple choices, red herrings, logic leaps that are actually achievable – it was a great end.

20190401 Mythos Tales
It almost always looks like the same shot. It's a book, a map, and some cards - it's hard to get action shots 🙂

Dice Town

I have been trying to play Dice Town for quite some time, and thanks to Alpal I got the chance this week.

Even though my luck with dice isn’t great, Dice Town is definitely a great time.  Essentially poker Yahtzee, players roll dice to make the best hand you can.

But it’s not straight poker – each ‘card’ has a corresponding ability section on the game board.  Win these sections, and you can get points and use special abilities.

Playing a couple of rounds, it was a great time and I am sure I can talk Alpal into a few more games for a proper review 🙂

20190415 Dice Town
It may look complicated, but Dice Town is a great quick fun game

Istanbul The Dice Game

Ahh, Istanbul the Dice Game.  I don’t know what it is about this version of the classic game, but I love it.

Roll the dice, and adapt your strategy on the fly.  All three of us ended up with the 6 rubies required for the end game, but Elle definitely took home the tiebreaker.

Istanbul the Board Game is a great puzzle that I enjoy, but the Dice Game still gives me the same feeling in a lighter game mode.  Always a lot of fun to play.

20190415 Istanbul Dice Game
Roll your dice, and try to get more rubies than your opponents

Tetris 99

Tetris 99 has an event going this weekend, and I played quite a few games.  Even got a couple of wins, which was a great feeling 😀

If you have a Nintendo Switch and Online, grab yourself Tetris 99.  It’s free, it’s fun, what more can I say?

The Battle Royale format gives the games an interesting twist.  But at the end of the day, it’s Tetris – what can you really say about it?

A new patch has made the controls a little more sensitive, but everything is still working great with the Joy Cons.  I haven’t tried the Pro Controller or the Hori controller with the new version, but I am sure I will soon.

20190415 Tetris 99 Hard Start
Well this was a fun way to start. A few pieces in, and the pressure starts to mount

What about you?  I hope you got some great games in.  Or are you looking forward to a new one?  Let me know!  Shout out on Facebook or @JohnHQLD me on Twitter!

Until tomorrow,


PlayStation Classic coming this December!

PlayStation Classic in hand

Because apparently, I am a retro geek sucker

When Nintendo announced the NES Classic, I jumped onboard.  I was a Sega lad on the whole, and the mini console let me play a whole bunch of games I knew I had missed.

Same with the SNES Classic.  Not as many games I really wanted to play, but enough to make it worthwhile.  The C64 Mini was a no-brainer – it was essentially my first computer, and I was ready for that trip down nostalgia lane.

And then last night, this happened.

Final Fantasy VII, with the original no-stick controllers.  The memories are flooding back like crazy, and that is from just one title.

This was when I took console gaming ‘seriously’.  Sure, I had the Master System and a couple of handhelds, but until the PlayStation, if the game wasn’t on PC it just wasn’t worth buying.

We know the console will have 20 games preloaded in total, with only Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms confirmed.

PlayStation Classic in hand
Another retro console is about to join my shelf. Well, I am pretty sure it will.

The other 15 games will be revealed over the coming weeks, but I am really enjoying the quick turnaround between the announcement and on the shelf.

Looking for a retro gift for an older player?  Maybe you aren’t old enough to have tried the original console?  This is a great gift idea for either!

Just like the Nintendo and C64 mini versions, everything will run via a USB micro a cable, but no power supply is included.  I know a lot of people complain about this, but honestly how many spare USB adaptors are in a house these days?

It also looks like Sony has gone with Standard USB ports for the controllers, so cable extenders and possibly Dual Shock controllers could be plugged in.  Wireless adaptors maybe?

Either way, with the current popularity of classics such as Crash and Spyro, the timing is great to get gamers back into retro PlayStation gaming.  And on a Sony Platform. *cough Switch envy much? cough*

PlayStation Classic Front and Back
The classic style, but with modern conveniences

If you only have a current gen console and don’t have access to PlayStation Now, this is a great way to play some classic games.  I have mine locked in.  I am going to have to build a mini-console shelf soon!

In Australia, the PlayStation Classic will set you back $150 and you can preorder from EB Games here.

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Time Carnage Switch Review

Time Carnage Feature

Once more unto the breach

Not long ago, I did a review on Time Carnage VR.  It’s a bit of fun, far from the greatest game but a fun way to pass some time.  It doesn’t hurt that playing the game in VR makes you feel like John Wick.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that Time Carnage was coming to the Nintendo Switch.  I wondered if Time Carnage could successfully port to the non-VR Switch, and now I know.


Time Carnage, for the most part, is identical to the VR versions, so I am not going into detail in this review.  If you would like to know my thoughts on Time Carnage overall, all of that is covered in my original review.

Today I am more talking about the differences playing Time Carnage on the Switch.  In VR, the experience is very intuitive and even natural.  You know you are shooting at the things running at you, you reach for your weapons and turn your head to see what is happening around you.

The main difference to gameplay though is the number of waves per level.  On the PS4 and PC, each wave has 10 levels.  I am yet to see a level past 5 on the Switch though – honestly, not sure what is happening there.

Time Carnage Switch Choose Control Scheme
Pick your poison - but only on the opening screen. From now on, use Gameplay to change control options.


The Switch has none of these benefits however.  You can play with motion controls sure, but your choice is the hybrid motion controls or the ‘standard shooter’ controls.

The first difference no matter the control scheme you use is both of your hands point at the same target.  In VR, your hands work independently of each other, allowing you great in-game freedom.  To simulate this on the Switch is the job of Co-Op mode, where each player controls an arm each.

I say hybrid motion controls, as the movement of your controller moves your aiming reticle on the screen.  The sticks still control your body movement and the camera, meaning motion controls is almost the same as the standard shooter controls but has you waving your controller more.

In a lot of ways, motion controls are best for Time Carnage on the Switch – but that’s not saying a lot.  Compared to almost any other shooter, the control scheme is unnatural and has a huge learning curve.   A game like this should feel like home for any shooter player, instead you feel like you are fighting the control system the entire time.

This is bought home with the motion controls by constantly having to recenter the controller during the waves.  Nothing pulls you out of the moment like having to wrestle the controls, and even the PSVR at it’s worst is nothing like the Switch.


Time Carnage Switch Gameplay
Aiming with Standard controls is definitely helped with the Pro Controller and tweaking the sensitivity

Graphically though, the Switch version is surprisingly close to the PC version in terms of screen clarity – it may even exceed the PC in some of the background details.

None of the ‘darkness’ that is present in the PSVR version plagues the Switch version.  And that is before tweaking the brightness and gamma in the settings.  It may be that the ‘underpowered’ Switch is taking advantage of only needing to render a single image compared to dual images for VR, but it works for what is being presented.

Time Carnage Switch Better Visuals
A strange positive is the Switch graphics are much clearer than both the Vive and PSVR versions


And here is the hardest comparison.  Time Carnage was less than AUD$20, making it not a bad purchase for a light Time Crisis/House of the Dead light gun experience.  Playing Co-Op only adds to this old-school arcade feeling, but the loose controls make this hard to recommend to people looking for a frantic shooter experience. ‘Missing’ waves doesn’t help either.

I know more expensive, but if you are looking for a fun Switch shooter experience, Splatoon 2 may scratch your jump in/jump out itch.  It is going to get even more expensive come September 18th with the Nintendo Online requirement, but the USD$20 a year will give you many other benefits making it a no-brainer buy to me anyway.  Also, there is the very free Fortnite.

Yes, both of these games are very different from Time Carnage but you will probably be playing them a lot longer.

Overall Thoughts

If you haven’t got VR, Time Carnage on the Switch is an inexpensive way to play the game.  But without VR, all of the best aspects of the user experience are all but sucked out of the game.

Being able to play co-op with one arm each can be a bit of fun, but there are a lot of other games out there for quick and fun co-op play.  The solo game is fun for a stage or two, but the comparatively unnatural controls make this a fan game only.

Until next time,