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Can you unlock the secrets of Crypt X?

Do you like a mental challenge? Heard about these stories you need to solve puzzles to continue? Crypt X may be a great jumping in point for you then!

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Elder Dice: The Colours Out of Space will liven up your game nights

Sometimes, you just want to role play with some luxury components. And Infinite Black has you covered 🙂

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Tiny Epic Tactics has one more week on Kickstarter

Not every game in the series is for everyone, but if you wanted to dip your toe in Arcadia Quest type games for minimal outlay, Tiny Epic Tactics has you covered.

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Terror Below is on Kickstarter!

Say Pick Up and Deliver, and most gamers I know roll their eyes. When did these games get such a bad rep? Renegade Game Studios seems to think the same thing, and hope to address this with Terror Below on Kickstarter.

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Human Punishment expansion Project: Hell Gate Live on Kickstarter

Social Deduction games. Some people jump at the chance to play, others groan at the thought of them. So what can Social Deduction 2.0 offer?

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Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is on Kickstarter

So there has been a fair bit of Tsuro news this week, and this is why – the third iteration is live on Kickstarter!

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Space Goat seems to have gone back to space?

Well, Space Goat is just gone. No Kickstarter updates, no Facebook updates, convention booth space rented to others, websites down – where’s Dog the Bounty Hunter when you need him?

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Nanty Narking has a couple of days left on Kickstarter

I have been wrestling with whether or not to back Nanty Narking for almost a month, and this morning I finally bit the bullet.

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Tiny Epic Mechs is live and crushing it on Kickstarter!

I haven’t been paying too much attention to Gamelyn Games Kickstarter updates, as I am still waiting for Tiny Epic Zombies here in Australia. But this morning I got a notification that Tiny Epic Mechs is live, and I just had to back a copy!

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Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game is now on Kickstarter!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, Horizon Zero Dawn the Board Game is now live on Kickstarter. It’s a short project though – 3 weeks only to look at the pretty!

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