Bits of Interest

2021 Gaming Challenges

In 2020, I started the year with some gaming challenges. I didn’t do too badly, all things considered. But, it’s 2021 now, so that means some new gaming challenges! I am a lot better at sticking with gaming challenges than New Year’s Resolutions. Guess I will always be a gamer at heart!

It’s 2021!

2021 Is here – welcome to the new year! I hope you had an amazing break. And I hope you like some of the visual updates I have made to the site! That’s not all I have been doing though. Come on in and I will tell you what I have been up to during the holiday break!

Time for the Holidays! See you in 2021!

So fresh off my personal holidays, it is time to shut down the site for a little while. Well, more than a little while this round. But I have a lot of stuff to put in place for 2021! While I am busy getting all this done, I thank you once again for sticking with me for another year and can’t wait to show you what I have planned for next year. So while I am doing all that, I hope you have a great end of 2020!

Streaming On Hold and Holiday Break Plans 2020

Witcher Wednesday’s were fun, and updates required to get the board game side have clashed. So the break is going to take a little longer than anticipated, mainly because I would start up again just before the site’s end of year holiday break! That doesn’t mean that things aren’t in motion – check out what is happening at the link below!

Asmodee Digital revives Mother’s Embrace as an Arkham Horror game!

I was excited a couple of years ago when Mansions of Madness: Mother’s Embrace was announced. I was then sad when shuffling with Asmodee Digital effectively shelved the game near it’s expected release date. But this morning, news of the project’s revival complete with an upgrade to a full Arkham Horror theme has been announced!