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The Mandalorian and The Witcher 3 Switch release dates and more!

So a whole heap of little things today that put a smile on my face!

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I finally updated my Beat Saber playlist!

Short and sweet one today – I finally updated the Beat Saber Complete Spotify Playlist!

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Teburu – the future of gaming, or a niche assistance?

Anything that makes it easier for new people to join in is worth looking at. Sometimes the ideas don’t pan out, or the execution could have been better. Sometimes it just fits. I wonder where Teburu is going to fit in?

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Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Annihilageddon is coming

Want to have a fun time blowing your friends to smithereens while shouting stupid spell names? Well have I got a game for you…

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Gloomhaven Early Access – Initial Play and Thoughts

It’s finally here – Gloomhaven digital! And even better I finally got to play it 🙂

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Pandemic is coming to XBox One and Switch August 1st!

Pandemic has had a digital version for a few years now, but now it’s making the jump to XBox One and Switch!

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Gloomhaven Early Access Price Announced

Gloomhaven is still getting amazing reviews, but getting a hold of it still isn’t easy. Even if you have a copy, setup and tear down are hard. But a digital implementation is coming to Steam Early Access next week!

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E3 2019 Day 2 – my picks of interest

One more day down, and one more lot of things that make my wallet go ‘Whyyyy?’

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E3 2019 – My picks for most excited news!

Day one of E3 has come and gone. And there is so much gaming goodness coming!

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A big week of reveals, and another one coming! E3 2019 times and more

Wow, what a week. And another one coming! I still haven’t looked at everything I want to see from this week, let alone E3 next week!

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