Catching up with Penn and Teller Fool Us!

It’s a kind of magic

I love magic.  It doesn’t really matter the school of magic, the discipline and skill required to flawlessly perform their acts is amazing.  Memories of childhood wonder mix with all new wonders – and that is for an ‘average’ show.

Penn and Teller are master magicians, and I have yet to be disappointed watching any of their performances.  It was with great joy a few years ago I came across Penn and Teller: Fool Us! being shown on the BBC.

The idea was simple – magicians would come from all over the world to perform a trick before Penn and Teller and a live audience.  If they can fool Penn and Teller (well, mainly if they can fool Teller), they get to open for the duo in Vegas.

The show is amazing, and the first two seasons are on Netflix.  Even if you just put it on as background entertainment, you will enjoy it.

But via the wonder of YouTube the other day, an act appeared in my recommended feed – from Season 5 of Fool Us!  This has led to an evening of YouTube clips catching up with as many acts as I can, because apparently being a few years behind is OK (Thanks, Netflix!).

Below is a video from magician David Parr.  Sitting at a table with new host  Alyson Hannigan (taking over from Jonathon Ross), David Parr does a wonderful and fun performance that was just fun to watch.  You can see where the trick is going, but honestly I didn’t care – it was simply great to see.

Penn & Teller: Fool Us - David Parr Fools Penn & Teller

Isn’t that great?  The trick is available on YouTube, but really I am not worried about the how.  It’s like when you have a great group of people around the table – you enjoy the experience, not the mechanics in front of you.

If you enjoy magic, I can highly recommend Fool Us and encourage you to give it a look if you haven’t already.

Either way, I hope you get to do something this weekend that gives you even a moment of childish fun 🙂

Until next time,

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