Catan available on the Switch June 20!

Asking ‘Wood for Sheep?’ on the bus will soon be  less awkward

A common reaction when you say you play board games to people that don’t play is you are asked: “Oh, like Monopoly, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit?”

The last few years though, a couple of new titles have started leaking into this general group.  One of those titles is Catan (original Settlers of Catan).  Today, some news has come that will introduce Catan to even more potential players:

This isn’t the first time Catan has gone digital – there is the PC version I still have on Steam (although I haven’t played it in years) as well as mobile versions and even PS3.

The version that looked the most interesting to me from a technical perspective was a VR implementation that you could only get through the Oculus store.  This seems to have changed, as I can now buy it on steam so post move I may give this a go!

Catan Switch Key Art
Soon Catan will be even more portable

I don’t know if I will rush to get Catan on the Switch, but that’s only because in a lot of ways Catan has been replaced in my favourite games to play.  The ability to play it on the Switch on the go or on the big screen though may convince me to play it a lot more – it depends on the pricing I think.

Asmodee Digital is definitely coming out all guns blazing with Switch support, with Catan being the first of the announced games to be coming out.  Future games include Pandemic and Carcassonne from the board game stable as well as possibly other Catan titles.  Card games aren’t being left out either with Lord of the Rings and Munchkin announced as well!

It will be interesting to see how many people will try these digital versions and then come and try other physical board games.  It will be interesting indeed!

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