Castle Panic Deluxe is live on Kickstarter!

Castle Panic was one of the first games I used my 3D printer on back in the day. Now you can make yours even fancier!

Castle Panic is one of those ‘silly’ games that people tend to overlook. Too childish for ‘serious’ gamers, and too much for some families.

The premise is simple – you have to work together to stop your castle from being overrun by hordes of monsters. You can play solo or up to 6 players so it can be a great time with friends. It can also be a stressful time with friends.

Yes it's simple, but I made it. It's the little things 🙂

So it’s another cooperative game.

Who said that? You need to work together to make sure that the castle remains. If the castle is too damaged, no one wins.

If you manage to eliminate all of the creatures, the player with the most points wins. Everyone can lose, but only one can win!

Haven’t I heard of Castle Panic before?

Probably. It was nominated for a few awards in 2010, and quite a few spin-off games have been produced. Star Trek Panic and Munchkin Panic are probably my favourite editions.

The gameplay is very similar in all versions. You need to try and draw just the right card to keep the enemies at bay. And if you can’t, you need to convince someone with that card to use it on your turn.

So why are you excited about a 10-year-old game being on Kickstarter?

As I said, Castle Panic can be very overlooked in some game circles. But this isn’t just another Castle Panic version – it’s the Deluxe version!

What does that mean? Well, with my 3D printer, I printed and painted my own castle. Instead of having some cardboard pieces that would wear over time, I have a handcrafted centrepiece.

Now, not everyone has a 3D printer. Mine has died, and I keep thinking about maybe replacing it, but too many other good things keep getting in the way!

Now Fireside Games is allowing you to go one further than even I went!

So what’s so Deluxe about Castle Panic Deluxe?

Mainly plastic. Lots and lots of plastic. Not only will you get a plastic castle, but all of the monster tokens have been replaced with minis.

The minis themselves have a nice feature. When you play the standard game, you twist the tokens to show how much damage they have taken. In the deluxe version, the bases on the mini’s rotate to make hit tracking much more manageable!

The other nice upgrade is the monster tokens. They have been upgraded to wooden tokens. No more bent cardboard for old copies!

Why would I want to buy another copy just for minis?

You don’t have to. The base-level will let you upgrade your existing copy by giving you just the new pieces.

If you have never owned Castle Panic before, you can get a new copy as a part of the project.

can't complain about hte price - you are getting a lot for your money!

The downside? This is your only chance to grab this version. It’s a Kickstarter only edition, so it’s your one and only chance. There is a retailer pledge level, so some lucky people might get the opportunity to buy it after the fact. Talk to your local games store and see if this could be an option.

So you are backing it?

I want to. I love the idea. But even at the base level, it’s going to be expensive. It’s AUD$90 dollars for the pieces, and who knows what shipping is going to be like.

Castle Panic Deluxe is one of those campaigns that people will either jump on, gloss over, or squirm over like me.

Here’s the bottom line. Castle Panic is great, and I think a lot of people will be surprised by how much fun it is. But you can buy the game for AUD$60 without really looking. You are going to have to be really invested in spending at least double that just for upgrade parts.

But with all that said and done, check out the Kickstarter over here and check it out yourself. If you want to know more about the game, I still love watching the TableTop episode featuring the game!

Until next time,

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