Can you unlock the secrets of Crypt X?

If the professor just used find my friends, we wouldn’t have as much fun!

So jumping on to Kickstarter for the first time in a while, a new project came up on the games page for me.

That game is Crypt X, and I have backed another narrative puzzle to draw me in.

Short version – decipher the clues to find the missing archaeologist.

The better introduction is from their Kickstarter video:

Crypt X Kickstarter Video

The idea of a puzzle based narrative isn’t new these days, but as a genre, there are many different implementations which make things so exciting for me.

Using an app (Android and iOS), you can solve over 50 puzzles to get discover the location of the missing archaeologist.

It is these kinds of game that app integration/hybridisation makes the most sense to me. Yes, you can have a book of text like Sherlock Holmes, but that leaves a lot to interpretation and correct printing. Even in ideal circumstances, that is a lot of text to search and read through.

Stuck? Get the next hint without seeing anything you shouldn’t. Does error or important information need to be updated in the puzzle? As long as your app is up to date, all this should be easily dealt with.

I am still looking forward to getting started on my Enigma Box, but that is also part of the problem – getting started. Now that I have moved and things are settling nicely, that’s not as much of a problem.

The Enigma Box had a fairly high entry price though. Yes, you get a lot for your money, but if you are just curious it was a pretty steep price.

Designer Rose Atkinson working on early prototype **Image from Crytp X Board Game Geek Page

Crypt X looks to be a challenging time, which could lead to quite a lot of fun! But it also looks quite bite-sized, great for people just getting into the genre.

But how will I know if I will like it?

One of the things I really like is even before the game is released, there are already samples of the kinds of puzzles you can expect.

On the Kickstarter page, there is a link to an Android app (sorry iOS users) that uses finished artwork from the game, but different puzzles so it’s a great time to experiment and see how you will go!

But wait, that’s not the only puzzle!

Hidden within the promo video, the campaign page itself and updates there are clues for a 4 digit code.

Crack the code and enter on their webpage (which isn’t up yet!) and you can win a swag of puzzle goodies that helped inspire the game!

The project ends Friday, July 19th at 9 am (AEST), so check out the Kickstarter page and/or the Board Game Geek page, and see what you think!

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